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FPF Day 21 – Handfuls

Before I got pregnant, I had smallish breasts (As until I gained enough weight to finally earn myself some Bs). I could easily get away with wearing no bra, even going out in public. It made wearing spaghetti straps and dresses that required no bra pretty easy, even though I was much too conservative in my style to wear such things in public then anyway.

Now, 12 years after that pregnancy, I have pleasant Cs. But they do “weird” things. Depending on how warm or cold I am or how turned on, sometimes they sag a bit, and other times they are full and sit high.

Regardless of their condition, I own these babies…and I usually have a pretty good relationship with them.

The other thing that this photo shows is my nails. I get them done on a regular basis. They’re my real nails (I do shellac), but I love having them polished and glittering. I keep them short, because I type a lot and am clumsy with my hands, so I easily break them.

And finally, there’s the jewelry. I don’t wear a lot of it. Most days, all I wear is my wedding ring and my watch. If I’m feeling especially girly, I’ll throw on a few more rings or a necklace or some earrings. But, not often. The older I get, the less jewelry and make up I wear.

I like this necklace, because it almost looks like a collar.

(This is a photo I have used prior on this site. But I pulled it for February PhotoFest because I think it fits with this images I’ve been sharing.)

It’s 10:30 here in the North West…and since I’m awfully close to midnight (and Friday!) I’m going to finally…for the FIRST time every…link up to Hy’s Boobday meme!

For the final seven days of the the Photofest, I’m going to take photos with items that are important to me or in places that are important to me…offering you a little more of “me” and my daily life. 


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By Brigit Delaney

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  1. It’s fun to learn a little more detail about the people we follow, and so what a great idea for your final 7 days. I assume you’re thinking those details today are your lovely nails and necklace, but I also enjoyed the intimacy with which you describe noticing the changes in your breasts.
    Lexy recently posted…cause I don’t know how to prayMy Profile

  2. I get my nails done regularly, too — and yes, I keep them short for the same reasons.

    I feel like I’ve had these particular boobs forever (I needed a bra at age 9). Once they hit a certain size (a solid C) they’ve stayed the same basic size. They just tend to deflate or sag more as I lose weight and plump up and sit higher when I gain weight (weirdly).

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