I’m not sure which is my favorite, red or purple (aside from black, that is). Against my skin, jewel tones are pretty much the only way to go, otherwise, I just look washed out…or worse, dead. And that’s not sexy. This little number that I ordered from Yandy, though, is pretty great. It fits well and is comfortable, which I can’t say of most lingerie. Back when I ordered several of these outfits for Mr. D, making sure to pick up several with garter straps and thigh highs, since that is a love of his, I ended up with a few that just could not be worn. The drawback of plus-sized lingerie is that most of it is made for women with breasts much larger than my own. I guess they must assume that if my ass if this big, my breasts must be as well. But, I’m about a 14-16 to 0X/1X (depending on the brand) on the bottom with a 40C bra. I’d say with most of these sets, the bras are more of a 40D-42D. But, I guess that’s the cost of buying lingerie on the internet rather than in a shop where I can try it on. I also managed to get about 6 sets for under $200. I’m not sure I could manage that in a shop.


I also shared this set a few days ago on February PhotoFest…it’s a definite favorite for the same reasons. It’s just fits so well…

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