I’ve always had trouble loving my thighs. Even when I was young and had thighs much thinner than I do now. Being short and having the build that I do, no matter how thin…I would always have thighs that touch…brushing together…chafing when naked under a skirt all day…causing shorts to ride up between my legs. It’s something that makes wearing thigh-highs uncomfortable (mentally) for me, because my thighs spill over the edge, creating an unpleasant (to me) muffin-top effect.

But, when my legs are naked. There are things about them I can appreciate: my strong calves, the soft skin, the juxtaposition between soft and solid. I can even put up with the emerging blue spider veins that betray my age…and the fact that they never tan, they simply stay this pale, ghost-like, pink color year round.

4 Replies to “FPF Day 2 – The swell of my thigh”

  1. I loved this and can SO relate. I have been using mine a lot in photos too for the exact same reason. I have spent years trying to love mine!

    Yours, by the way, are fantastic, curvy and sexy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can imagine how anyone can be uncomfortable with any body part, I just want to say that your thighs are absolutely beautiful, such beautiful curves ????

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