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FPF Day 11 – Snow Day 2

It’s STILL snowing here in the great northwest. We did manage to get out of our neighborhood to go to the grocery store today, but most of the vehicles we saw on the road were four-wheel drive like ours. And then the snow started to fall heavy again, and we headed back to the house to hunker down for the next onslaught. School is cancelled again tomorrow…and it looks likely that we will be “snowed in” for the rest of the week. The news said we were likely to get up to 24 more inches! We already have close to 17 inches, and we’re only about 50-75 feet above sea level here. Obviously, more snow is falling higher up in the mountains, which is why so many people are snowed in. The main highway is plowed and easy enough to travel, but the side roads are tough. And those of us who live on private roads in the county are pretty much on our own. Luckily, there are people with tractors and trucks with snow-plows that can keep our road marginally cleared for those of use with snow-worthy vehicles. Anyone else is stuck at home for the foreseeable future.

So…I’m throwing my hands up and embracing it!

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