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FPF Day 1 – The Curve of My Breast

This year, for February Photofest, I’m keeping it simple. I’m using my phone…and I’m taking “selfies.” The idea is to reveal some everyday life. Not that my other photos don’t do that to some degree, but for this photo project, the idea is to work my way toward as “exposed” as I’m willing to go. I’m calling this collection “Naked.” And I’m going to explain what I love about my body, with all of its flaws.

Here is #1:


This is me, fresh out of the shower, in this white robe I’ve had for years.

I’ve always loved my breasts, through all the changes they have gone through.

Before my son was born, they were a set of small, size A/B, perky young boobs. Nothing to draw much attention really. But, I could live my whole life without a bra because of their size. Finding pretty lingerie was easy, because most of it is made for small, perky, size A/B boobs.

After my son was born, my boobs settled on being a nice C. They are no longer perky, and they don’t always like to face forward…opting often to fall to the side or press against my upper arms…but the curve of their heaviness is pleasant to my eye. They are still full. And they change throughout the day. Sometimes they are rounder and fuller, the areolas dark, rose pink and taut, the nipples erect. Sometimes they are as shown in this image, soft, relaxed, the areolas expanded and faded, a light blush, into the skin.

I do have little hairs that grow around the areola that annoy the shit out my, and I pull them, and I struggle with blackheads between them and on the inside swell because of sweat. But, in all, I’m pleased with this part of my body.

I like it when Mr. D holds my breasts in his hands, when he squeezes them roughly. But, my nipples are hella sensitive. Because of this, he likes to tweak them and pinch them just to make me squirm…just because he can. I’m working on this. This is one of those things I need to learn to soften into and accept.

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