F4TF “Touch”

How do you like to be touched?
In general, I don’t like to be touched. In public, I have a huge bubble, with strangers…and even with friends. I am not a “hugger,” and I don’t touch others very often, either. But with my lover, I like to be touched in all sorts of ways. I like to snuggle up next to him on the couch, to feel the warmth of his chest against me and his arm around me. His strong hugs have the power to slow my breathing and heal me. I love his back-rubs and foot massages, the kisses he plants so softly right below my ear…in that sensitive place, his hand absently placed on my knee in the car, his body curved around me at night, holding me in place. I’ve grown so used to it, that when he’s not there, I can’t sleep without placing a pillow behind me to create the illusion of heft at my back.

How do you like to touch yourself?
I like to be alone for this one, and usually, I am quick, concentrating on the clit, usually a vibrator or my fingers. Maybe I’ll grab my breasts or tease my nipples, but usually, not. When I touch myself, I am seeking release, so I stay focused on my sure-fire pleasure centers. My body doesn’t tend to be as sensitive when I am the one doing the touching, and because I know my body well, I know exactly what works, and I rarely diverge from that.

Which parts/areas of you body do you most enjoy touching or having touched? 
I have some pretty sensitive areas, but I do enjoy being touched pretty much everywhere. My hot spots: neck, lower back, clit.

Which part of a partner’s body do you most enjoy touching? Why is that?
His chest and arms. They are the bedrock of his strength. I love to rub my face against his hairy chest, run my fingers through it, and smell him. I also love his arms. They are tattooed, which I find immensely sexy, and they are strong, as are his hands. During sex, I tend to focus my hands on those some places, but also on his ass, grabbing and pulling him toward me.

Are there any parts of your body that you can’t stand having touched?
My nipples, the backs of my knees, my navel, and my toes (especially between them)…all of which Mr. D loves to pick at because he knows they drive me absolutely insane. I know that the nipples are supposed to be an erogenous zone, and I do often love them to be sucked or rubbed during sex, but he knows that they are usually super sensitive at every other time, and he loves to grab hold of them when it’s unexpected (mid-stretch, when I’m getting dressed for bed, in the bathroom in the morning). I don’t fight him; it is an unspoken agreement of my submission that he can play with them whenever he wants, but it sometimes takes everything I have not to scream out loud when he does. And of course, that’s why he does it.

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