Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things (#5/2019)

This week, kisungura just really got to me, I guess. I found myself continually bookmarking her posts (both words and images):


Asking for Help


Some images that really caught my eye:

Damn, Candysnatch is hot. I love her lingerie posts, but something about this image just really grabbed me…I obviously focused in on those gorgeous breasts first, but then the thighs with the garters…and finally, I settled on the most beautiful part (IMO)…her face.

Sepia Dreams

I too, was saddened by the passing of Mary Oliver. And Annie Savoy’s quote and image captured it perfectly.


The colors in these images by Pieces of Jade were what caught my attention first…beautiful golds and rusts…but the one that I loved the most was that of her straddling a chair…that smile…that coy “looking away” stance. I LOVED it!

Panties in the Cold

Blog Spotlight: Floss Does Life

And my blog spotlight for this week (sorry I didn’t get to this last week…I was rushed, as usual)…is Floss. I love Floss’s blog, and I’m in awe of how she keeps up with all the memes and does such a stellar job of sharing and teaching and exploring and confessing. Her’s is really one of my favorite “newer” finds. Visit Floss Does Life to find out why I’m so obsessed. Here’s my favorite post from this week…(and believe, it was hard to choose…because she’s prolific!):

[Photography] Healing Waters

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  • Floss

    Bless you Brigit 🙂 What kind and lovely things you have said about myself and my blog, I have very pleased you’ve been enjoying your visits and thank you so much for including me in this week’s blog spotlight =D

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