Erotic Journal Challenge

The Erotic Journal Challenge #7: “Distress”

This week’s Erotic Journal Challenge prompt is “Distress.”

Do you now find, or have you ever found, anything distressing or uncomfortable about your sexual thoughts, fantasies, desires, or actions? Is there anything that you want or need that you have trouble asking for or are reticent to admit because it makes you blush? Have you had any experiences that have caused you embarrassment?

This could definitely be a hard post to publish, I understand that, so always feel free to use these prompts for personal journaling you don’t share with the world. Sometimes, what I do for these prompts is to hand write them or type them in my journal app and then select from them what is publishable. I’m trying to make this a challenge, after all, which means some of the prompts should make us really have to dig deep, think, and mull over what is inside of us. If all the answers came easy, it wouldn’t be anything that would help us grow. At least that’s how I see this challenge. I started it to reacquaint myself with my sexuality, from the ground up. And there are some demons in that closet, I know. Maybe there are a few in yours, too?

The nuts and bolts of the challenge:

Each week, I will post a topic or question that I plan to explore in my own journal. I’m going to post them and add a link-up (my first ever!) so that readers can get in on the challenge, too. I encourage you to respond in whatever way seems most authentic – a journal entry, drawing, photo, video, story, poem…ANYTHING that can be posted on your website. Then, link your post here. This is your interpretation, whatever the prompt inspires in you.

I’ll post the prompts sometime on Saturday each week (I like to sleep in, so be patient), and the link-up will remain open until the following Sunday at 11:55 pm (Pacific time). This means you have two weekends and the week to write, so hopefully that will give everyone plenty of time.

I have enough prompts to run the challenge all year! So, gear up for some deep introspection if you plan to participate. I loves me some confessional writing!

Please contact me with questions, comments, or any great prompts you think should be part of the experience.

Upcoming and past prompts can be viewed on The Erotic Journal Challenge homepage. Our next topic is “Reading,” followed by “Films and TV.”

I’m not a stickler for rules…I like people to write what feels good to them and share, because all of our stories matter. Take this post/challenge whatever way works for you. Just remember to…

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The link-up will remain open until next Sunday at 11:55 pm (PST).

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