TMI Tuesday 1/8/2019

This week’s TMI Tuesday prompt looks deceptively simple, but I always find that fill in the blank prompts push me to think just as deeply as a question would. Here’s this week’s list:

1. I want to repeat _____ .
2. I want to lose _____ .
3. I want to gain _____ .
4. I want to enjoy _____ .
5. I want to savor _____ .
6. I need more _____ .

Bonus: I will succeed in _____ .

And here’s my response:

I want to repeat all of my good habits on a regular basis…going to sleep at a reasonable time on work nights, drinking plenty of water, getting all my steps in, going to yoga. I want to create good routines that stick with me and become second nature so I no longer have to think about them.

The sexy answer: I want to have amazing sex…and then repeat it…again…and again…and again.

I want to (here comes the completely unexpected) lose weight. Ugh. But, I’m not as obsessed with it as I used to be, and that’s a good thing. Even though I could stand to lose 50 pounds, I like wine and food too much to maintain the loss comfortably. So, instead, I’d make it closer to 20-25.

The sexy answer: I want to lose some of my inhibitions. Maybe not all of them (let’s just be sensible here)…but some of them. We’ll take this nice and slow…but we’ll still take this trip. It’s definitely part of my goal with the erotic journal challenge to uncover the things that I am afraid of sexually and figure out why. What makes me uncomfortable? And why? Hopefully, in investigating those fears, I’ll figure out the emotions that hold me back from exploring my sexuality fully. I’m not willing to say I should try everything out there…sometimes disliking something is simply a matter of taste and not an unwillingness to try something new.

I want to gain knowledge. I do a lot of reading and continually obtain more education, so I should be pretty go here.

The sexy answer: I want to gain a better understanding of my erotic desires. Again, this is the goal of the erotic journal challenge. So, stick with me on that.

I want to enjoy life more. Just doing nothing…or doing something…fun. I have a tendency to stick to routines and fall into ruts because of it. I also tend to put responsibilities and obligations first…always. It’s not really great for the soul.

The sexy answer: I want to enjoy sex more…have more fun with it…be more creative…a little more adventurous. I want to try some new things and have an open mind. I don’t necessarily have to add everything I try to my bag of tricks, but…I’m sure I’ll find at least a few things I’m willing to admit that I like, right? That’s going to involve reflection and honesty, and a willingness to not only be open to his ideas, but offer up a few of my own. Enter, the erotic bucket list. I’m gonna have to start one of those as I respond to the erotic journal challenge prompts.

I want to savor time with loved ones.

The sexy answer: I want to savor my sexual experiences…suck the marrow out of them…roll over, satiated, afterward, smiling with satisfaction.

I need more time to write. I understand, however, that I will never find time for anything…I must make it. That means prioritizing and letting go of some things. I can’t do everything, I don’t have enough hours in a day. I have to choose carefully what takes up all those precious minutes.

The sexy answer: I need more sex. Right now, Mr. D is just “not in the mood,” for a number of reasons both physical and mental/emotional. I’m intensely aware of the irony here. All those years of me not being “in the mood” for similar reasons, and now here I am in his shoes. Karma (*sigh*).

Bonus: I’m going to take this one as an intention prompt, which means, I’m going to say what I want to see in my life as if it were non-negotiable and already true. I will succeed in my marriage. That means a lot of different things. It means I will improve my ability to communicate…that I will find my erotic self and share her more fully with Mr. D…that I will be vulnerable (and that I will be okay with that). It means that I will soften into the hard parts, forgive, accept, trust, initiate, and prioritize my relationship.

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