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Talking Dirty

I’ve never been one for talking dirty. Not to seduce someone, and certainly not during sex. In fact, I say little if anything during sex (though I make a lot of other noises – I’m certainly not quiet).

Sometimes, now that I’m older and a tiny bit more self-confident in the sack…and mostly because I’ve been told to…I give a bit of direction:

Keep doing what you’re doing…Don’t stop…A little to the left…Not so deep…Harder…

If I’ve been drinking, sometimes I’m a little braver, and I might let a “Fuck me, Daddy!” slip out.

Mr. D is much more verbal during sex, though even he doesn’t do it all that often. When he’s in the mood, he might call me a few names or ask me questions or make statements”

You little slut. Cum for me… Dirty whore… Suck it… You want this dick? You want me to fuck you?

When he talks to me like that, it can both turn me on and draw me off focus, depending on the experience. There have been plenty of times that this kind of dialogue, along with hair-pulling and ass-smacking and rough-handling, has pushed me over the edge (in a very good way). It’s basically something Mr. D uses for power. He uses it to guide me and force me to engage in ways that push me our of my comfort zone.

What do you want?

Your dick inside of me.

You like that, don’t you?


Yes, what?

Yes, Daddy.

Yes, Daddy, what?

Yes, Daddy…I like that.

Good, girl…now cum for me…

Dirty words and requests whispered in my ear or said on the phone or via text/email can also turn me on for later sexual “play.” Mainly because it allows my mind to grab hold of it and turn it in to something vibrant, building it up and keeping me engaged for hours before we actually do anything.

I wouldn’t say dirty talk is one of my “things.” But it isn’t unwelcome, either. It’s nothing I’m good at myself, but it IS something I can enjoy when someone else is doing it. When I’m pushed to do it to get what I want, namely responding to Mr. D, I have no choice…and it the not having a choice, the loss of power, that is the real turn on.


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