On the Tracks

So today’s post is a conglomeration of ideas harvested from Twitter, from my new, homemade deck of story elements cards, and the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Celibacy.” Because writing about celibacy wasn’t already proving to be difficult enough for me, I added on several additional layers of “hard” to push me completely over the edge. Let’s see where this takes us.

Prompt from Marie: Celibacy
Setting from May Moore: The Train
Characters from Twitter poll: M/F (a resounding 50% of the responses with 3 options and an “other” category)
“How” from my story elements cards: face, stomach

And…here we go…

Allison stepped onto the rusted tracks, one worn-out black Converse-encased foot at a time, arms extended, body wobbling back and forth, struggling to maintain equilibrium. Jared walked beside her, hoping she’d fall…so he could catch her.

All of him ached to touch all of her, but she’d made it clear she was holding out for a ring and an “I do” before she’d offer up her maidenhead. He’d even told her he loved her, and meant it. But, she held strong in her dedication to abstinence until marriage. She wouldn’t even let him use his fingers on her. Her rule was absolutely no penetration until her vows. If it were any other girl, he’d have hit the road long before now. But this was Allison. And Allison was the one. So he swallowed hard when he touched her and breathed through the ache in his balls whenever they made out.

Allison balanced her way along the tracks, giggling with her arms swinging wildly. But, it didn’t take long for her to give up the game and jump off. She took his hand in hers, smiling up at him, freckles sprinkled across her nose, wisps of sun-kissed blond hair blowing across her cheeks. He stopped, pulled her toward him, taking her in his arms and pressing his body against hers. It was impossible to stop the rise of his cock against her, but she simply blushed and laughed and accepted it an unavoidable consequence of physical contact.

“I love you,” she said, taking his face in her hands, rubbing them against the stubble along his jawline.

“I love you, too,” he replied.

“So, then…how long is it gonna take you to fix this little problem you got goin’ on down here?” She pressed her lower body against his growing erection.

It was sheer torture, and Jared closed his eyes, looked up the at the sky, breathed in all the air around him, and held it for a long moment before responding.

“You are a wicked little girl, Allison…and you’re killing me here…but I do have at least a partial answer to your question.” He reached in to his jacket pocket and pulled out a tiny velvet satchel. He dangled it by its string and locked his blue eyes on hers.

“It’s my grandmother’s. She wants you to have it.”

Allison’s eyes widened, and her breath caught in her throat.

“And so does your dad…I asked.”

“You wha–” Allison didn’t even finish her question before she reached up and took the little bag. Inside, she found a simple platinum band with a single circle diamond. Jared took the bag back from her, removed the ring, and knelt before her. The gravel dug into his skin and bone, but the pain made him feel vibrant and alive.

He took Allison’s hand and asked the rest of the inevitable question, “Will you? I promise it’s not just because I’m dying to make love to you…though…I am dying to make love to you.”

He smiled up at her, hopeful and nervous and a bit sick to his stomach. And with tears welling up in her eyes, she nodded.

“Yes…I will.”

He slipped the ring on her finger, and she knelt in front of him. They both sidled up to  the tracks, sitting side-by-side, holding hands. The sun was just beginning to creep below the hills in the distance, setting the sky on fire. From a great distance, Jared could hear a train’s whistle.

He leaned over and kissed her. And she kissed him back.

“I wanna do somethin’ crazy, Jared…” she said, her eyes glittering with intensity.

“What?” he replied, a puzzled look taking hold of his features.

“Sit up on the tracks…the train never uses this section, it’ll just pass right on through, but it’ll be close enough to feel the vibrations.”

Jared was totally confused, but he did what she asked, hoisting himself onto a section of track. It wasn’t comfortable, as the bones in his ass jabbed into the weathered, cold steel, but he was game for whatever she was playing.

Once he was settled, his hands beside his hips to steady himself, Allison stood over him and lowered herself down to sit on his lap, facing him. Balancing himself with the added weight of her body proved too painful, so he slipped backwards a bit, falling to the other side of the track, his hands propping him up from behind. His knees bend over the tracks.

Allison took his spot on the tracks, balancing on her ass, her legs wrapped around him, beneath each arm.

“Now scoot forward as close as you can. I want you to feel the vibration against your cock, while I feel the same one against my pussy.”

She reached her hands beneath his shirt and placed them both on his stomach, feeling his abs tense in response, as the train appeared in the near distance. Leaning forward, Allison touched her lips to his.

“Do you feel it yet?”

“Just barely.”

The rumbling grew as the trained approached, the bright light on the engine glaring like a tiny spotlight. The closer it came, the more intense the vibration became. And when the engineer finally saw them, sprawled on the tracks adjacent to the ones he’d be using, he pulled the horn, warning them to get out of the way.

But they did not. Allison reached her arms around Jared, pulling him toward her, just a few layers of clothing separating her sex from his, and they could feel each other’s heat. The ground trembled beneath them, shaking the track, sending quivers through them both.

Allison clenched internally as she ground her clitoris against the seam of Jared’s jeans, and Jared pressed his backside against the track, pushing his balls against the shuddering steel.

As the train, horn blaring, passed by, sending gusts of wild wind through their hair, and the wheels banging against the gaps in the tracks drowned out the sound of Allison’s screams of release and Jared’s groans and grunts.

He came into the cotton fabric of his white boxer briefs, and likewise, she came into her white cotton panties.

The train passed, leaving them breathless and panting in its wake.

From the corner of her eye, Allison could see the brakeman, waving from the back of the caboose as the train slipped around the bend.

She smiled to herself, and leaned forward to kiss Jared.

“How fast do you think we can get our marriage license and make an appointment at city hall?”

Whew. I did NOT think that was going to happen. First of all…I had no idea what to write about celibacy. Second of all, I never would have written a story with a train involved…and seriously…train tracks as a mutual vibrator? Where the fuck did that idea come from (somewhere deep down in my dirty little soul…that’s where). So, thanks to all who helped this story make it out of wherever the hell it came from. It…and I…thank you.

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