Mirror, Mirror

Summer opened the door to the hotel room, breezed in with her luggage, and leaped onto the bed, rolling onto her back and stretching out like she were being drawn and quartered.

Looking up, her expression exploded into fireworks, and she pointed, exclaiming, “Kevin! Look! There’s a mirror on the ceiling!”

She waggled her eyebrows at him and licked her lips suggestively, lying on her side, hip curving dramatically upward, as if it were pointing itself at the mirror in question.

“Let’s fuck. Now. I wanna see your ass clenching as you hump me…”

She growled like a cat and curled her fingers like claws as she winked at him.

Kevin, in response, grinned like a sex-crazed teenager, dropped his shorts, pulled his t-shirt over his head, and jumped onto the bed, flip-flops still clinging to the spaces between his toes. He pushed Summer’s dress up her thighs and over her hips, covering her candy-pink pussy with his mouth without ceremony.

Her caramel-colored skin was slightly orange from the fake tanning spray she’d had done in preparation for their vacation, and against his unnaturally pale upper arms, her calves looked like honey, sticky and shiny with oil.

“Fuck, Kevin…” she breathed the words…growled them, “…your tongue still does amazing things to me…”

She looked up at the mirror above, admiring his tattooed back, his ass pressed upward, his farmer’s tan…which made him look like he was wearing a white wet suit that ended at his biceps and mid-thighs.

Her back arched as he licked her and slipped the first two fingers of his right hand inside of her, flicking the spot right beneath her clit…the place that always made her squirm. He knew all the buttons to press.

After 15 years, he should.

It was their anniversary, and both of them had gone all out to tramp it up and have a good time being people they’d never been. She’d bleached her dirty blond hair to platinum, and he’d turned his elbow tats into full sleeves. She’d purchased a whole new stringy wardrobe, and he’d shaved his head and grown back his goatee. They looked nothing like their former selves.

Two weeks before, they’d both been lawyers. Grey suits and Starbucks. Today, they were thriftstore Quiksilver, Forever 21, and Sex on the Beach. It was time to hang loose.

“Ah…Sums…it’s been too long since I ate your pussy,” he hummed between her thighs.

“You’re right. We can’t let that happen again.”

He breathed in her heat. The scent of her…the salt and sweat and musk of her.

“You are one sexy, fucking broad…” he grinned up at her, his chin and nose slick with her wetness.

She smiled, let her head drop back on the pillow, and reveled in the sight of his body as he mounted her and pressed his cock deep inside of her. Closing her eyes tightly for a moment, to take it all in through her other senses, she gripped his ass cheeks and pulled him toward her, pushing him into her even more deeply than he could go on his own. She clenched her muscles around his cock and tilted her pelvis up to let him sink even further into her…as far as possible.

Looking up again, she smiled at the reflection in the mirror. She so loved to be pressed into the mattress by the weight of this man.


In the room above, a slight man, with pale skin and a thin, dark mustache, looked down at the floor beside his own bed and grinned. The two-way mirror really was the best investment he’d made in the renovation of this hotel.

I have to say, after seeing the image for this week’s Masturbation Monday, that fucking in a room with a mirror on the ceiling is definitely on my bucket list. In fact, after searching for the featured image for this prompt, I think staying in a few sex-themed hotels around the world, might be on my bucket list. Grrrrowllll…

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Really…I could look these up all night long…and then have some very kinky dreams…


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