I lay beside you

I lay beside you, inhaling the sweetness of your mixed scents…the traces of your shampoo, lotion, perfume. But beneath this carnival of smells, there is you. A soft musk made of ocean and earth.

I reach beneath the white, cotton blanket and snake my hand beneath your dress, slowly pulling it up to expose your soft, white belly…the round curves and crevices that make you bite your lip with insecurity. The cool air reaching your skin, kissing it and raising goosebumps on your flesh. Every little translucent hair stands in response, and I graze my palm over them, just above your skin. You breath in sharply, so sensitive to my movements.

I pull your dress up further, over your naked breasts, where white gives way to blush, then rose, then a deeper shade of rouge, puckered around your blossoming nipples. I feel my own nipples tighten and electrify with the sight, and as I take one in between my lips, the line that connects directly to my own sex comes alive, waking me and causing me to pulse and move my pelvis with want.

I palm your breast, holding it like and ripe peach in my hand, pressing it and squeezing it gently as you begin to moan softly and squirm slowly in response.

I graze my hand down to your belly and between your legs, happy to find you bare, your legs graciously spreading to accommodate my searching touch. Your softness makes my fingers greedy, but your sleepy movements force me to be slow…to take my time with you.

I trace the creases between your thighs and your labia, circling your entire sex, feeling your body tremble with hunger. You want my fingers to find you, to move toward your center.

I press my body against your side, kissing your neck, inhaling the scent of your hair…a cherry almond sweetness. I take your earlobe between my teeth and circled it with my tongue slowly, then more quickly…exactly the way I will take your clitoris between my teeth, and circle it with my tongue.

Your pelvis tilts and raises just a bit to push against my tracing fingers. You are hungry. And I want to satisfy you. So I run my finger up the slit of your cunt, feeling it wet inside and ready.

Moving the blankets aside, I find my place between your thick, soft, white thighs, digging my fingers into them and reveling in the impact that the pressure has, like squeezing a down pillow. Lowering my face, I inhale the soft smell of you…salty sweet musk, and I slowly lick you from base to clit, flattening my tongue against you to enhance the pressure as I move back down from clit to entrance. I search you with my tongue, pushing as deeply into you as my own mouth will allow.

It is hard not to smile as your wetness increases in response, covering my tongue with your honey. I swallow it, and take your clit between my teeth, gently, then sucking you harder, as I slip two fingers in your soaking cunt.

You writhe beneath me, raising your hips to meet my movements. Your are a hungry girl…hands in my hair, quickened pulse, and whimpering.

My tongue flicks your clit, sucks, presses, pulls in just the right discordant rhythms to keep you undulating and twitching. But, I love you…and so I hook my fingers just enough to rub against your g-spot and set you free.

Your hands pull my hair as you come…your honey dripping down my chin, between your legs, and soaking the sheets beneath you.

I pull my fingers out of your pulsing pussy, noting the glistening slickness covering my hand, and watch you quivering before me. Your dress, shoved up under your chin, your red nails against pale skin, now blushing furiously in the afterglow. Your bosom heaves up and down, slowing, and a slight smile slides across your face.

“I love you,” you whisper.

“I know,” I reply.

“When are you going to tell your husband that?”

Your Cheshire cat grin explodes into laughter. Your red lips and white teeth open wide, causing me confusion. From behind, I hear a male voice…

“She already has, love…she already has…and fuck was that hottest thing I’ve ever seen…”

This week’s Masturbation Monday image (by Violet Fawkes) is yummy…so I couldn’t not write a lesbian scene like this. That skin is just so tantalizing, and that pose just so inviting! Thanks for the inspiration Violet.


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