Hold It Right There

The image for this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt is absolutely, fucking stunning! Little Switch Bitch is well-known for her amazing photographs, and this is a beautiful, erotic example. I found myself struck by the composition, wondering how long she had to hold this position and what the photographer had to do to make this happen. The image was originally published as “Underneath.”

“That’s perfect! Hold it…right…there…” Jim squeezed his left eye shut and took the left side of his bottom lip between his teeth as he squatted behind Lillian.

She heard the clicks of the camera and began counting the seconds, her arms beginning to shake in the precarious plank position she was trying desperately to maintain.

“Hold your head up a bit more…I want to avoid getting your face in the shot.”

“Oh, fuck it all, Jim! I can’t hold this position much longer!” Her voice took on the slight tone of a scared cat. And his, in response, took on the tone that both calmed her and set her straight.

“Lillian. I told you to hold it. And you’ll hold it.”

She couldn’t see him, but she could hear his breathing. He wasn’t moving at all. The camera wasn’t clicking.

So she held it. Impossibly…she held it. Without daring to ask if or when she could let go.

Her biceps burned and her core ached, and she was certain a spasm was building in her right buttock, off to the side by her hip.

“Oh, Lillian. You’re beautiful when you’re in pain. You hold it together like no other woman I know…so unwilling to bend…to break. Shall I try to break you, Lillian?”

She was afraid to respond. If she said yes, he was certain to push her further than she really wanted. But if she said no? Well, there was really no way she could say no, was there?

She held the position until her body seemed to move past the pain. She could no longer feel her hands and the burning up her forearms had vibrated into numbness.

Then she felt his finger lightly tracing the inside of her right thigh, around the top of her black stocking. He grazed it along the crease between her thigh and her ass cheek and then slipped it underneath the crotch of her lace panties, pulling them away from her clenched pussy.

She felt the cold metal of the scissors before she heard them. He ran the smooth side of them across her trembling thighs before he cut the fabric, leaving her sex exposed. He leaned in, his shoulders brushing against the insides of her thighs, and let his hot breath warm her shaved labia.

Lillian couldn’t hold it any longer. Her perfect plank crumbled, and she lay in a heap in front of him on the floor.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly, refusing to look back.

“Turn over.”

She did as she was ordered. He looked down at her and licked his lips, smiling like a satisfied alligator.

Her arms were shaky, and she wasn’t all that sure she could even push herself up again, but she tried. Jim pushed her back down before she had a chance.

“Lay back. Hold it…right…there. This is a perfect shot.”


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