Friday Flash No. 38 Horseshoe

I didn’t realize the link time was up until I had already written and published this, so I’m just leaving it up anyway.

Here’s one that is 45 words:

Last Drop

An orphaned pearl of his spent desire sat suspended on the indentation between her nose and upper lip. Feeling its infintesimle weight, she ran her tongue over it, taking in the small taste of salt. It made her smile, knowing she’d swallowed every last drop.

And this one, inspired by May Moore’s photo prompt, is 147 words:


As I lay on the floor of the old shed, my backside scraping against the dirt and scraps and broken pieces of this and that, I looked up at the dust-clouded window. It was covered in cobwebs, and a rusted horseshoe sat centered on the windowsill, turned upward, presumably,  to keep the good luck from spilling out. I focused on it, as the man thrust himself in and out of me, grunting like a hungry animal. He was fully clothed, right down to his boots and his hat. The only skin that showed was his unshaven face, his work-worn hands, and his pale pink ass-cheeks, pumping up and down.

He was the third today, another $50 to add to the kitty.

Staring at the horseshoe, I could only hope its luck hadn’t run out. I needed at least another two Johns to buy a bus ticket home.

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