End of January Blog Evaluation

I’ve never gone to this level of analysis on my blog, but, as I’ve come to the determination that I’m going to have to make some decisions about what and when I post, because I simply don’t have enough time or energy to post daily. Violet Fawkes’s January Jump Start challenge really forced me to get my fingers to the keyboard, but, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the meme possibilities (though, I think it’s great and amazing that we have so many) and all my own projects. So, now that the month is coming to an end, it’s time to make some decisions so I can use my writing time to the best advantage.

I tracked all of my posts, the genre, the number of comments…and basically I have found that my heavy hitters are Wicked Wednesday, The Erotic Journal Challenge, Masturbation Monday, and Sinful Sunday. So, I’m going to stay committed to those, penning those into my schedule, and unless I really find no inspiration from the prompt, I’ll plan ahead to get these ones done.

Now…I thought about this some, because I realize that WW, MM, and SS are memes that are very established, so there are a lot of readers for these memes. Plus, because so many people get involved, they probably feel a sort of obligation to comment on other people’s posts if they are going to expect other people to post on theirs. I know I do. And this adds to the commitment, because it takes time to peruse all those posts and provide comments that are worth a damn.

So, I looked at the newer or less established memes to determine which of those I’d like to stay committed to. I did one post for Sex Bloggers for Mental Health which earned me 4 comments overnight. This one seems to be an huge interest for our writing community, so this one I’m going to commit to…penning it in.

Also, Violet Fawkes’s Lingerie is for Everyone grabbed me 3 comments for the first entry. Lots of folks got involved right away, and a photo doesn’t take me nearly as long as a written post, so I think I can manage this one on a pretty regular basis…penning it in.

TMI Tuesday doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s fun for me, so I’ll stick with that one as long as I’m into the prompt and have time…penning it in.

Penciled in: I’m terrible with Fridays. I’m busy doing other things, like drinking with friends and hanging out with Mr. D. But Fridays also offer a lot of great memes: BoobDay, Friday Flash, Fantasy Smut Friday, and Food For Thought Friday. I haven’t gotten involved in the first three, mainly because of time, but I have posted on FFTF, and it earned me quite a few comments. It’s the most introspective of the four. These Friday prompts are likely to simply be a “if I can fit it in” or “if I love the prompt” sort of endeavor. I know I can write ahead, but if I’m focusing on the others, I have little time for that…with a full time job, a marriage, a child…I don’t know how some of you other writers manage to fit it all in!

And the prompts that don’t happen weekly (like Kink of the Week), but again…if I remember…and the prompt inspires…I’ll join in if I have time.

My Erotic Journal Challenge seems to be doing okay…and I’m definitely going to keep that up. However, Brigit’s Book Club is just not getting any play. Soooooo….sadly, I’m gonna let that one go. It takes a lot of time to write those posts, and since I’m already involved in a real-life book club, I’m saying goodbye to Brigit’s Book Club. I made a valiant effort – 3 months – but it just isn’t worth my blogging time if it isn’t going to be something my readers enjoy. And the EJC is just so much more helpful all around. So, I’ll focus my energy there, instead. One project is plenty, anyway.

This is blogging with purpose, my friends. Because, after all, I am not my only audience. If I were, I’d be journaling on paper for just myself. What I write here is both for me and for you, so if it isn’t interesting or helpful to you, then it isn’t worth blogging about for me.

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