Brigit's Favorite Things

Brigit’s Favorite Things (#4/2019)

Here are just a few things that grabbed my eye this week. I must say, trying to write every day for the January Jump Start is tough. I haven’t made it every day, and I’m finding out what works (and doesn’t) for my writing schedule. So that is actually a plus. A few things that suffer when I’m trying to write every day are my ability to make time for reading (both regular books and blog posts from other writers), sleep, and time with family. So….when this January challenge is over, I’m sure I’ll be slipping into a more sane writing schedule that fits my life a bit better. I do thank Violet Fawkes for having the challenge, though, because it has bumped my butt into gear on my blog.

Anyhow, here are the few little gems that I collected this week:

This one is from a blog that is completely new to me, but after reading it, I immediately followed her blog.

I found this one in my Twitter feed…also a new blog to me. And since I’m almost always fascinated by guy’s blogs about sex (hey…it’s a learning tool for me), I’m sure I’ll be back to this one:

The photos I picked had a similarity – they were both simple and natural, hiding nothing, just beautiful bodies being beautiful:

Time for a cuppa?

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  • Lexy

    Oh wow … there is almost nothing that makes me as happy as writing compliments. So when you wrote, “This one is from a blog that is completely new to me, but after reading it, I immediately followed her blog” I blushed and sighed happily. THANK YOU.

    Rock on with the last few days of doing your January writing challenge!

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