Before & After

you slowly slide your hand
over my sleeping hip,
I am dreaming of
your face between my thighs,
the heat of your mouth on my sex.
But after you touch me,
I breathe in deeply,
moaning myself slightly awake
beneath your weight
as you roll me onto my back
and spread my legs.
You lean over me,
kissing my neck…my ears,
and I arch in response,
whimpering with need.
I rub my wetness against you,
your erect cock pressing between my folds,
soft and warm with slow, hazy lust.
You slip inside, filling me with your cock,
and I raised my pelvis to meet you,
hungry for all of you.
You grind into me,
and our pace quickens.
It takes so little time,
my heels on your ass cheeks,
pulling you more deeply into me.
I can feel your balls
grazing my skin as you thrust.
I grab hold of your biceps
and bite into your shoulder
as I clench my pussy
around your cock.
My moans meet your growls,
and we come together.
Once I’ve cleaned up,
I lay down beside you,
curling into you and
pressing my ass back
into your now flaccid penis.
Your arm around me,
we fall back to sleep,

I don’t always love middle of the night, wake-up sex, but I’ve grown used to my husband’s sexsomnia. When we were first together and in the early years of our marriage, I used to think he was just waking me up for a little midnight enjoyment, but now, I realize that much of the time, he’s not awake until mid-act…sometimes, not even until very late in the act. It makes it easier for me to make the determination about how to handle it. Since I’m not always in the mood, I can easily push him away, and he will simply go back to sleep. However, on these nights, he is likely to continue to play with my breasts in his sleep or try to finger me. If I’m in the mood, this is very arousing, and middle of the night sex can be extremely satisfying.

The interesting thing about sexsomnia, and maybe the scary thing, is that the person who has it really has no idea what he or she is doing. He has absolutely no control over what he is doing. It’s important for people with this “disorder” to let their sexual partners know that they have it, so that when it occurs, their partner can make the choice and wake him or her up (or not…whatever suits you both and whatever you’ve agreed upon). I know Mr. D doesn’t mind waking up having sex, and only sometimes do I mind. When I’m really tired, I find it annoying…but, it’s hard to hold him responsible for something he has no control over.

This week’s Kink of the Week is also about sleep sex, so I figured I’d post this there, too. While it isn’t necessarily a kink of mine, I do enjoy it immensely from time to time.

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By Brigit Delaney

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  1. Oooh . . . I wasn’t aware of “sexsomnia” so interesting post to read.
    And I agree totally with you about having to be “in the mood” to enjoy !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. Oh this was so interesting – I did not realise there was an actual term for it but an ex of mine had it for sure – thanks for enlightening me Brigit x

  3. Sexsomnia… I have never heard of the term, but I can imagine that it can be both irritating (when you’re not in the mood) and so sexy (when you are in the mood). I somehow wish my husband suffered from it, but then again, I prefer to sleep ALL night 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. I feel the same, Marie…it can be a curse…or a right bit of fun when it catches me at the right time.

  4. I’ve never of sexsomnia, but yes, I can see how it can be a problem for both partners, but especially the one who’s getting fingered in the middle of the night. And also, I can see how sometimes you don’t mind it either.

    And your poem at the topic is beautiful and so sexy.
    Kayla Lords recently posted…I Took ItMy Profile

  5. I wrote about this in my post too. Luckily (or not) it’s only happened the once but my partner felt so awful about it, the guilt he felt that I didn’t explicitly consent. I was fine with it and trying to reassure him was a long process.

  6. I’ve heard of this particular disorder (as well as some cases associated with unaware or unconsenting partners). I do find this one interesting because of the level of unawareness involved. I’ve never experienced it and am too light a sleeper to do it myself. Thank you for sharing
    Cara Thereon recently posted…A Mother’s AngelMy Profile

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