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    Love and Lust

    What is the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? How do these differences color and effect the way you interact with that person? Where sex is involved, does the emotional layer affect its quality? Where do lust and desire fit into this? This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the ebbs and flows in a long-term relationship. With the Wicked Wednesday prompt of “Celibacy” and the Food For Thought prompt of “love vs. being IN love” and the place that lust/desire have in this equation, plus all the great posts that have come from these prompts, I’ve been considering my own marriage. When I first…

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    Story Elements Card Deck

    So, this is really rough draft sort of stuff…and likely I should be patenting this shit or copyrighting it or something before I share, cause maybe it’s a really good idea…but…whatevs… Recently, in a post I wrote for Wicked Wednesday, I came up with an idea to create a deck of story element cards to push me to branch out in the areas of character demographics, sexual technicalities (what’s touching what, so to speak), and setting within my fiction writing. Since I have a tendency to stick with my same old themes…basically what I know, I determined that I had to do something to liven up my fiction and help me to explore…

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    On the Tracks

    So today’s post is a conglomeration of ideas harvested from Twitter, from my new, homemade deck of story elements cards, and the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Celibacy.” Because writing about celibacy wasn’t already proving to be difficult enough for me, I added on several additional layers of “hard” to push me completely over the edge. Let’s see where this takes us. Prompt from Marie: Celibacy Setting from May Moore: The Train Characters from Twitter poll: M/F (a resounding 50% of the responses with 3 options and an “other” category) “How” from my story elements cards: face, stomach And…here we go… Allison stepped onto the rusted tracks, one worn-out black Converse-encased foot…

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    TMI Tuesday 1/29/2019

    1. What makes you feel unloved? I feel unloved when I’m left out of things…or when others do things they know annoy the fuck out of me…just because they are being careless…over and over and over (umm….i.e. socks next to the laundry bin). I also feel unloved when people don’t acknowledge special days (birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day). 2. What is the one act that a person can do that makes you feel loved? It takes very little actually. My main love languages are “quality time” and “acts of service” (though, the other three are appreciated quite a bit, as well). I prefer someone spending time with me over buying me…

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    Black Lace Babydoll

    Black lace is pretty much a favorite of mine. Black is just one of those “colors” that looks good on pretty much everyone, and with my super-pale skin, I think it’s perfect. Plus, there’s the added bonus that it’s slimming (at least it seems so). This is a very simple little nighty. I like the babydoll style, because it is forgiving – it’s sort of like the A-line dress…it just compliments so many different figures. Plus, it doesn’t have any tight elastic to gouge or create lumps or rolls. I feel good in lingerie like this.  

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    I am a highly sensitive creature. Maybe too sensitive sometimes. I take things personally that I shouldn’t. My skin can be thin at times…too often, actually. My senses are usually heightened. I smell…and taste…and hear…and feel deeply. In fact, recently, I wrote about the senses for The Erotic Journal Challenge… But last night, I was reminded of my physical sensitivity and how it actually gets in the way of things sometimes. Mr. D loves to play with my nipples, but honestly, most of the time I can barely stand it. I stand there (or lay there) and accept it, gritting my teach, trying desperately not to squirm and squeal. There…

  • Poetry

    The Maestro

    His fingers play my flesh like ivory keys, his touch unleashing tones both deep and lush. Beneath my skin it builds with intensity, spreading through muscle, vein, bone, and blood, as his palms press against my breasts and hips. His lips at my ear, a whispered command, begin a separate discordant rhythm that sets my mind to spinning, balance and sense of horizon gone, I close my eyes, floating in the negative space his touch creates, the pause between notes, where the song resides, and his symphony builds as the strains fluctuate. Under my clothes, you will find his melody tattooed on the softest parts of me. This week’s Masturbation…

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    February PhotoFest 2019

    As January comes to a close and I end my January Jump Start challenge (thanks Violet…for getting me back in the habit), I am getting ready to join up with Molly Moore’s February PhotoFest. This year, I’m going to focus on the simplicity of the selfie. Obviously, I’m not showing my face. But, what I’m going to share every day is a photo taken with my phone. Sure, I’ll probably edit and play with some photo apps (because that’s the fun of using my phone). But, I’m not going to the trouble of setting up my real camera or tripod…just quick captures of things as they strike my fancy. Just…

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    End of January Blog Evaluation

    I’ve never gone to this level of analysis on my blog, but, as I’ve come to the determination that I’m going to have to make some decisions about what and when I post, because I simply don’t have enough time or energy to post daily. Violet Fawkes’s January Jump Start challenge really forced me to get my fingers to the keyboard, but, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the meme possibilities (though, I think it’s great and amazing that we have so many) and all my own projects. So, now that the month is coming to an end, it’s time to make some decisions so I can use my…

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