I put this on today and realized, with great disappointment, that I never wore it for Him. It’s pretty, I think. Classic. And I like the vintage high-waist because it covers up my mommy-tummy.

I’m not really one for lingerie, but He is. I spent over $200 awhile back, acquiring things I though He might like, making sure to get items that would allow for thigh-highs (his favorite), and yet that I would still feel sexy in (nothing to accentuate my rolls and folds, eh?).

I never wore any of it. Actually…that isn’t true. I did wear one set right away, with garters, under a skirt that was short enough to show them peeking out. I’m fairly certain he appreciated them, but it’s been long enough that I don’t remember anymore. I do remember being uncomfortable the whole night, pulling down my skirt, adjusting and squirming, hoping I didn’t run into anyone I knew in public who might see the hidden evidence of my “sluttiness.” And I think that might have ruined it for Him…knowing how much I didn’t like it took the sexiness right out of it.

Yeah…I’ve got issues here, I know. Looking at this photo, I realize I’m sexy. So why do I have these persistent and damaging body issues? It’s ridiculous, and I’m going to have investigate and conquer them. Not just for Him…but more importantly, for me.

(Note: Sinful Sunday is 400 weeks old today! Congratulations to Molly Moore for keeping up such a successful meme! It takes a lot of work to accomplish something like this!)

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  1. What Marie said above [below?]. You look very sexy and it’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy it with your husband. It’s very hard to let go of our fears of how our partners will react to our perceived flaws. To us they are oblivious and ugly, and yet in reality they don’t notice them or if they do they are of no consequence.

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