Shit’s ugly right now. But, you know, even in the midst of my marriage falling apart, there is still much to be grateful for:

  1. 12+ years with my best friend, and though not all the days were good, the ones that were, I’d never trade for a million years…no regrets, right?
  2. a gorgeous, intelligent boy we made together, raised together, and will continue to help grow into an amazing young man, no matter what happens between us
  3. a cool, clean floor to place my bare feet upon and feel grounded
  4. family to support me
  5. books to lose myself in
  6. yoga to help me find my center and breathe through the tough parts
  7. writing to clear and refill my soul
  8. meaningful work to keep my mind busy
  9. friends to cry out my feelings to
  10. a comfortable bed to hold me at night, while I sleep and heal

Things are not sure right now. But, what I know, is there is always something to be thankful for in the midst of every storm.

And I promise I will get back to some sort of sexiness on this blog next week. I need to get my head out of my wallowing every once in awhile. That’s not to say I won’t be doing quite a bit of sharing and introspection about my situation. As a confessional writer (and reader), I know that simply telling your story can be healing (for the self and others). So, I’m not about to stuff this shit down and avoid talking about it. I’m always good about labeling my posts, though. So if you are only interested in the erotic fiction, stick with that. My personal experience posts are likely not to be too upbeat for the foreseeable future.

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  • Jor Adam

    Dear Brigit,

    Write! Doesn’t have to be sexy, but untwine your thoughts and youranger/disapointment/saddness in words en sentences, that’s a strength of you.

    Keep faith!

  • Mrs Fever

    When I read posts like this, I’m often not sure how to respond. Because while I can say, “I’m sorry you’re struggling. I hope things start looking up – even if ‘up’ is a different direction than you once chose/hoped/assumed – for you soon.”

    …that may not be the kind of support/feedback you need.


    I know for myself, sometimes the ‘hard stuff’ posts have served their purpose just in the composing. It’s a way of letting it out, letting go, moving on. And reader commentary on those types of posts – while always well-intentioned – often misses the mark (probably in the same way my “sorry” above does).

    Other times, I write things – difficult things – about which reader commentary really matters. For understanding, or support, or human-ness, or normality, or connection.

    So as a reader of your blog… A reader who would like to show support but is not sure how to best do that… I’ll just say:

    I’m here.

    And I wish you well.


  • Julie

    During difficult times, it is important to be able to write about what is good and what we can be grateful for. I hope you are able to get back to some sexy writing soon, but if not, just write. xx

  • @F4TFriday

    This definitely strikes a chord and resonates with so many of the thoughts, feelings and experiences when my own marriage broke down way back in 2004.

    And here we all are, still going and still sharing details of our lives.

    That is definitely something I am thankful for.

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