This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “playful,” so I decided to try a bit of poetry. I’m rusty, to say the least. But here’s a bit of “playing with words.”

Like You

What if I (stopped/started)
kissing you
right beneath your earlobe,
in that shadowy
place where you
forget to shave

Would you be okay with that?

If I (forgot/memorized) the smell
of your

If I let the heat
of your skin
in my memory
(go cold)?

Even though
you see
my eyes (avoiding/tracing)
the line
of your jaw,

you say

You watch me look (away)
and let me
sit in
mulling over
your chin
and the edge of
my tea cup.

There is so
much (discordant/fervent) music
between the notes
of a (silent) conversation
between (old/new) lovers.

So much I’m not
ready to (keep/lose).

Stay by my side
until the sun (sets/rises)–
I am (afraid/hopeful)
to see it (go/come)…

like you.

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