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Brigit’s Books (Club Update and “In other books…”)

So, peeps, I’m past expecting anyone to engage with the book club (even though several people said they would). But, I’m going to go ahead and keep up with the book club posts, partly because it gives me a routine post for Thursdays, and also because I’m already reading these books and I like to share.

I realize, too, that lots of people read the posts, they just don’t like to comment. And that’s cool, too. Maybe the discussion questions will help you form and run your own “in-person” book club. I’ve decided to go that route, as well. I need the interaction and the community. So, I’ll share the same books here that I do in my “face-to-face” club.

This will be the monthly calendar:

First Thursday of the month: my initial reactions to the book
Second Thursday of the month: book discussion questions will be posted
Third Thursday of the month: other books I’m reading
Fourth Thursday of the month: naked book reveal

So, today…a quick run-down of the books I am reading.

Parasite – by Mira Grant

I’ve long been a fan of Grant. Years ago, stumbling around a local independent book store, looking for my next read, I found myself in the staff recommendation section. There, I found Feed, which is the first book of her Newsflesh series. If you like zombie/post-apocalyptic/political thrillers then this one is for you. It’s set in the future (duh), in a world where people no longer trust the media to tell them the truth. As a result, they have fallen back on the commentary of bloggers. Yes! Bloggers have taken over the world of information.

But, I digress…I am supposed to be talking about Parasite, which is the first book in a series, as well. Also set in the future, a company called Symbogen is making implants constructed of tapeworms crossed with human DNA. These implants are used to keep people healthy…but…something goes terribly wrong (ummm….anyone else NOT surprised?). Like Grant’s other books, this one is full of great characters and dialogue. I wouldn’t say her books are any sort of deep, literary fiction, but they are fun as hell. And if you like the zombie genre, this one is a very different take on what may cause the “sleeping sickness.”

Year One – by Nora Roberts

I haven’t read a Nora Roberts novel since I was in high school…and that was some silly romance that my mom handed off to me when I couldn’t find anything else to read. So, I was highly intrigued when I found this one hanging out in the sci-fi section at Powell’s Books in Portland. What? Nora Robert’s is writing science fiction? Yes…yes, my friends, she is. And it’s….okay. I’d call it the drug-store wine version of Stephen King’s The Stand. There’s a bit of a fantasy element, since there are groups of people who survive “the Doom” (a raging virus that kills of more than a third of the planet’s population in a few days) that develop magical abilities. Witches, faeries, sorcerers, and the like. These are called “the Uncanny.” Some of them use their powers for good, and others for bad. There are also regular sorts (“the immune”) caught in the middle. And…set the stage for a good old-fashioned “good vs. evil” battle for the earth. This is the first book in a series.

In the Afterlight – by Alexandra Bracken

This book is the third in The Darkest Minds series. It’s YA lit, and I’m listening to it with my son in the car (great way to dig through dozens of books when you don’t have enough time to read). I think the series is “okay,” but my pre-teen son loves it. The premise is that one day, a “sickness” takes over the nations children. The kids who survive develop certain powers. In an attempt to protect people, the kids are rounded up and put in camps, where they are labeled by color in relation to their power.

As you might expect, the kids don’t want to be held in camps…the government is lying…and there’s a lot of fighting going on.

What I will say about this one is that the author is pretty great with character development and dialogue. She’s a good writer. But, by book three, I’ve kind of grown tired of the story.

Here’s to your own Happy Reading!


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  • Mrs Fever

    Reading, for me, is an intensely personal exercise. So I’m unlikely to read anything “assigned,” be it in Book Club time slots or otherwise.

    I find your book posts interesting though, despite the fact that I’m not reading along.

    How people read says a lot about them. And for that reason, I always enjoy reading about people’s experiences with books. How they approach their reading, what they think about/focus on/research further/take away as a result… That’s very interesting to me.

    I suspect others may feel the same.

    So while those of us who read what you write may not necessarily read what you read, don’t let that stop your writing about your reading. 🙂

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