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A Little Light-hearted Witchery

Alright…it’s the first Thursday with our first book! And I’m feeling pretty good about this idea so far.

I just started reading the first book pick: Alice Hoffman’s “The Rules of Magic.” I’ve never read any of the Practical Magic series, but I’ve read a few of Hoffman’s other books and have enjoyed them. And the movie, while not any sort of award winner was worth the view. So when I saw this prequel to the series show up in a suggestion list on one of the websites I frequent, I thought it would be perfect for October.

I wanted to pick a book that was accessible, fun, and well…this one just fit with the Autumn/Halloween vibe.

A little light-hearted witchery feels like just what the doctor order right now, too. Things have been crazy busy, and I’m looking forward to the inevitable slowing down that Fall brings. I’m sure I’ll pick a few more deep, literary selections…a memoir here and there…and a variety of genres. I’m also open to suggestions, so feel free to send them my way. After all, this is really just about the love of books and sharing that love with others in a way that is inviting, welcoming, and communal.

I don’t want things to get complicated. I want people to feel invited, enjoy books, and talk about them. So, I’m just planning to present a book and then ask a question here and there to get things going.

I’ll keep Thursdays as set days on the website to share these questions and open it up for discussion both in the comments here and on Twitter.

I noticed today that I can tweet passages directly from my e-reader! (I know…I’m behind the technological times.) So if you have this ability, please share your favorite lines and quotes. Use the hashtag #BrigitsBookClub.

As this is the first Thursday, word is still just getting out there and most of us are either just getting our hands on the book or have only just begun reading it. For those who are fast readers or simply have more time to devour the book quickly, I ask that you not spoil it by giving anything away too early. I want everyone to feel like they can be part of the conversation, even if it takes them all month to get through the book. Also, don’t forget, you can get the book from the library, download it to an e-reader, listen to the audiobook, or purchase a hard copy if you so choose.

So here’s the calendar for the book “discussion” topics.

Today – Begin reading and commenting
(here or on Twitter)
about your favorite lines, quotes, and passages

October 11 – Part 1 “Intuition” and Part 2 “Alchemy”
October 18 – Part 3 “Conjure” and Part 4 “Elemental”
October 25 – Part 5 “Gravity” and Part 6 “Remedy”

Feel free to email discussion questions, ideas, comments, etc. about the book for me to pass along in my Thursday posts.

And Happy Reading!

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