#1: “Getting Down Dog and Dirty” by Quentin Wilderman – I tried to find this writer online, but all I could dig up was a link to his book Taint Nothing Like the Real Thing (only 99 cents) on Amazon. I found this story in my Twitter feed, and read it with my morning coffee. It definitely hit all my buttons and made my day a little brighter. Great dialogue, description, and so so hot!

#2: “Window Shopping” by Zebra Rose. This is a new blog to me, which is partially why I want to highlight it in my top 3. But, the story definitely earns its place. If voyeurism is your thing (which…for whom is it not, really?), this little story of a stolen glance might be right up your alley…just as it was mine.

#3: For this one, I’m suggesting a whole website, because the last few stories I have read from her have just really hit ALL of my kinky and writer nerd buttons: Hannah Lockhardt’s Hannah likes dirty words. So many good stories to lose yourself in here!

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