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When I read erotica, I’m looking for something specific, and because there is so much of it available online and in books, if it doesn’t grab me right away, I simply move along.

So what is it that grabs me. First off, good writing. Vocabulary, smooth sentence structure, believable dialogue, character development, description. My mind needs to be caressed into the story. It’s not that I’m slow to warm as a reader of erotica. In fact, I can be thrown right into the fray of an intense sex scene, but if I don’t get a sense of character, and if the language doesn’t grip me, I’m turned off – or at least not turned on.

Clunky syntax, repetitive or simplistic vocabulary, multiple errors, dialogue that doesn’t ring true, poor character building…all of these things will send me looking for something better somewhere else.

But these writers know just where to grab me, and hold me. These are beautifully written, perfect little capsules of erotic fiction. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Fire & Honey: The Switch

Cara Thereon: Room 401

Scandarella: Glory Seeker (a 2nd part to an equally impressive story – Glorious Hole)

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