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Top 3 of the Week


E.T. Costello “The Wicked Day”

Costello’s writing is frenetic, and it sweeps me up in its music-like crescendos. His poetic prose leaves me feeling ravaged when I’m through reading it.

Mrs. Fever “The Journey”

It’s been a long time since I saw a poem on someone’s blog that made me feel such intense emotion. The last time was Indigo’s “Plate Spinning.” This poem, “The Journey,” begs re-reading, so I am sure I’ll be back to it again.

Sophie Morgan No Ordinary Love Story

This what’s heating up my Kindle right now. I loved her first book, Diary of a Submissive, but this one is getting me all hot and bothered because I can see so many parallels between the kind of submission that works for her and the kind of D/s relationship that she wants. It’s sexy as hell, well-written, and funny. I find myself having to take breaks often to cool myself off, and there is plenty of inspiration to be found in her experiences and the self-reflection that comes of them.


Molly Moore “Feel Myself”

I just love this image. So much is happening here, and it invites the viewer to stay awhile and lose herself in it, pondering, musing, and imagining.

Exposing 40 “Hand Jobs”

This is such a powerfully sexy image. The hands gripping…the serpentine ring…the red nails.

Cammies on the Floor “Seized Thigh”

I think the focus of this image is amazing. The crossed tree limbs in the front, clear and strong. The blurred couple in the back. There is a whole story in this photograph.


Frisky in the 916 “Dry”

This one makes me feel a bit lusty, I have to be honest. The shadows, the darkness, the focus. I’ve come back to this one a few times. Mainly, I had to include it here, because a few weeks ago, when I would have included it, I didn’t manage to get my S.O.S.S. post done. I didn’t want to pass up sharing the photo, however, so I am including it here.

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