Million Dollar Smile

Amanda exited the convenience store waving her prize in her hand, “We’re gonna win, babe, I just know it!” She squealed and wiggled, giggling and smacking her gum as she climbed in the open car window and planted her butt in the bucket seat next to John. “I bought ten tickets, and the jackpot is up to 6.5 million…we’re gonna be so fuckin’ rich we can just sit around fucking all day, drinking screwdrivers, and watching Netflix! We could even buy an 85-inch flat-screen TV!”

He found her white trash dreams charmingly simple and childish, but her energy was unstoppable. She could fuck like a wildcat all night and still beg to suck his dick in the morning. She was ravenous, sexually speaking, which was her most appealing asset. He also couldn’t help but love the little gap between her slightly crooked teeth and her ass cheeks hanging out the back of her overly cropped jeans cut-offs. Amanda wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but she made up for what she lacked by being insatiably good-natured and always up for a good time.

She dug down deep into her purse and found a pocket-knife, which she opened and began scratching off her tickets. Little shavings of silver wax sprinkled across her bare legs as she worked furiously to uncover the numbers.

“Nah, that one’s shit…this one neither…got ourselves 6 bucks with this ‘un…awwwww, wait! This one’s got 3 winning numbers so far….and 4….5…holy fucking shit, John…this ‘uns a fucking winnner!”

She gripped the knife in one hand and the ticket in the other, bouncing up and down and jumping across the car at him, barely missing his face with the open blade. Her breasts, loose in her low-cut belly shirt, bounced and jiggled like water balloons, and her fire-engine lips planted kisses all over his face.

“Calm down, girl!” He smiled and laughed at her exuberance. “Let me see the ticket.” She was prone to mistakes, and he wasn’t about to believe it without seeing it with his own eyes.

She sat back in her seat, her legs unfathomably pretzeled beneath her, and waited for him to review the numbers.

“Well?!!!” She leaned toward him, close enough that he could feel her bubble gum breath on his shoulder. Rubbing her hands together vigorously enough to create a spark, she bit her bottom lip and widened her eyes in questioning expectation.

“It does look like these might be the winning numbers,” he said, skeptically surprised. “We better take it inside to make sure.”

She ripped the ticket out of his hand, threw open the car door, and ran back into the convenience store, the rounded orbs of her ass cheeks alternating up and down,  creating two little smiles at the top of her thighs as she went. John thought about licking those creases, and whistled quietly to himself.

Within minutes, Amanda exploded out of the double doors, screaming and jumping and shaking her messy, yellow curls, “We won, John! We fucking won!!!!”

“Holy shit! How much, babe?”

“Millions! Fucking shit-ton millions!!!”

She dove in the driver’s side window, straight into his lap.

“Drive behind the store…into the alley. I’m so goddamn excited, I gotta fuck you right now!”

He thought to protest about the public nature of her request and then wiped his mind clean of any concerns as she scooted her butt to her side of the car and pulled her shirt up over her breasts. They jiggled a bit and squished in several directions as she wriggled out of the garment and threw it in the back seat. Several people in the parking lot noticed and sent shocked grimaces of disapproval their way.

He didn’t care. In fact, he quite liked her exhibitionist nature. She simply didn’t care who saw her body.

John started the car, backed out of the parking space and pressed the gas so hard the tires squealed.

As he drove, Amanda unbuttoned her shorts and lifted her butt up enough to slide them down her thighs. She lifted each foot to pull the shorts completely off and then threw them back to join her abandoned top on the back seat.

John pulled up behind the store, between two dumpsters, hoping they’d prove to be cover enough. He hadn’t even put the car in park before Amanda was crawling between the two front seats, over the console, her naked ass in the air, and her shaved, pink pussy glistening in a sideways smile. He turned to grabbed her hips to keep her in place, “Stay put…I want stick my tongue in that sweetness.”

And he did. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, deepening his pressure and pushing between her lips until he could feel the hard bud of her clitoris and heard her sigh and moan with pleasure.

“Fuck me, John! Fuck me….I need your dick in me NOW!” her whining crescendo told him just how badly she wanted him. In response, he placed a palm on each of her buttocks and pushed her forward into the back seat, where she quickly regained her all-fours position, moving her head out the window and placing her forearms on the top of the door, over the slit that held the retracted side window. Using her folded arms as a pillow, she rested her forehead on them and jutted her ass up, swaying her back into a “u” shape. John opened the driver’s side door, got out, undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, opened the back door, and got back in. He sat in the seat, Amanda’s ass at eye level, her pretty pussy winking at him with desire. He leaned over onto his hands and rose to his knees. Hunching over awkwardly to avoid hitting his head on the roof, he bent over her, pulling his jeans and briefs down just far enough to expose his already hard cock.

He wrapped his hand around himself, guiding his dick up and down, spreading her lips and covering the tip of his cock with her wetness.

“Don’t fuck around, John…just fuck me, already! Pleeeeeaaaase…..”

He pushed the head into her cunt, instantly finding her wet hole, placed his hands on her hips and plunged into her so hard his pelvic bones knocked against hers.

“Fuck, yes! John, fuck me hard!”

He rammed into her, her head hanging out the window, her breasts smacking violently against the door. He smacked her ass hard, over and over, loving the echo in the small space and the blossoming roses that spread across each vibrating ass cheek like spilled red paint.

He could hear her pussy squelching around the base of his dick, her juices splashing his balls.

She was a loud fuck, and he was amazed that no one came running to see if she was okay out here in the back seat of a car, screaming between two dumpsters in the alley.

He thrust himself into her, over and over, until she yelled out and began to shudder from her orgasm, her pussy pulsing around his shaft in hungry convulsions that pushed him over the edge. He came deep inside of her, his body quaking.

Pulling out, he slouched beside her and watch their pearly, mingled fluids trickle out of her and pool on the seat beneath her. He couldn’t help but reach over and run his finger through it, flicking her inflamed clitoris and laughing quietly in his chest when she jumped.

She dropped into the seat beside him, breathing hard, her cheeks and throat and chest flushed pink.

“Goddamn, you’re a good fucker, John…”

“Yeah, I know,” he grinned. “We better get our clothes back on…case the cops show up.”

They put themselves back together the best they could, and found their way back to the front seats.

“Where’s the ticket, babe?”

Amanda looked around the front seat. She looked on the floor. She began digging through her purse. Frantically, they looked at each other and began searching the car: between seats, under seats, in every crease and crevice.

They couldn’t find it anywhere.

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