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I was housecleaning, in my pajamas (sweeping the bedroom floor, to be specific), when Mr. D decided to interrupt and bend me over the bed. He pulled my pants down and told me to step out of them. Then, without ceremony, he took the bottle of lube from the shelf above the bed, spread my ass cheeks, and lubed me up. He didn’t take his time. There was no kissing. No foreplay. He simply pushed his cock in my ass and had me.

Make no mistake. I love it when he does this. Just takes me, out of the blue, with no warning or build-up…and then walks away when he’s done.

The humorous part is that I kept hold of the broom and the dustpan the entire time he fucked me. And when he was done, I pulled up my pants and went right back to my chore.

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By Brigit Delaney

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a blogger, poet, photographer, and writer of erotica, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm glad you came. Sit back, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile.


  1. There is something to be said for knowing that because they wanted to fuck, they come to find you and take what they needed … I think before D/s I would have found it unsettling now it feeds my submissive mental space and I love it.

    1. Yes, I definitely would have been pissed before D/s and knowing that this does something for my mental space. It sort of disrupts things, like a jolt of electricity. It resets me.

    1. I don’t always love being interrupted. In fact, it can make me rather irritable. But, sometimes it’s lovely.

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