TMI Tuesday asks us to share . . .

1.  The problem with me in 5 words:
I overthink and can’t relax.

2.  5 things I want in life:
To have plenty of time to write every day;
to have a log home in the mountains with with water view, a yoga room, a cook, a landscaper, and a housekeeper;
to see my son grow up to be healthy, successful, and content with his choices;
to grow old and stay young as I continue this soul-shaping journey we call marriage;
to look back on my accomplishments and know they were enough.

3.  5 things I need to quit:
Worrying about things that do not matter or that I cannot change;
putting things that do not matter before things that do;
working so hard for people who will never appreciate it;
staying up too late on work nights;
spending money I do not have.

4.  5 things I require in a lover:
Honesty, thoughtfulness, dominance, confidence, and humor.

5.  5 things I am tired of:
Politics, snowflakes (entitled shits who think the world owes them something simply because they exist), Facebook, the media, and housework.

BonusWhat 5 things will I never share on social media?
This is a hard one, because as a sex-blogger I live two very distinct lives on social media. In my vanilla life, I share things on social media that I wouldn’t share in my sex-blogger life (photos of my face, my real name, pics of my family, information about my kid, my address and phone number, my profession, etc.). In my sex-blogger life, there are a lot of things I share that I’d never share in my vanilla life (basically all the juicy details of my sex life, naked photos, my fantasies, etc). Between the two, there is very little I DON’T share. If I merged my two lives, I’m pretty much an open book online (which is rather frightening).

One Reply to “5 Things”

  1. I love reading TMI Tuesday posts and getting to know my favourite writers a bit better. I am definitely with you on all 5 of the things you’re tired of!
    Aurora x

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