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My favorite words:

TeachersHaveSex is a great little blog. She’s a sexy, little minx – and a great writer, to boot. Namely, it’s her command of the language and her artfully chosen words that get me all twitterpated. This post is a good example:

Washing Station

I love when a blog post makes me reconsider everything. This one by Mrs. Fever at Temperature’s Rising is a great example. What’s my purpose? What’s my focus? I sort of walked away wanted to start all over and have some better sense of why I write and what I’m trying to accomplish. Great advice…for beginners and old pros, alike.

So You Want to Be a Sex Blogger

Thanks to Cammies on the Floor for turning me on to Pain as Pleasure (BibulousOne)- these two posts really grabbed me. I am in awe of women like Elita…and the people who prostrate themselves before them. It is an act of trust like no other.

Smacked Around

I love that he uses his safe word when he is taken to his emotional limit, rather than his physical limit. Also, the interplay of his flashbacks and his introspection has a wave effect on me, lulling me with the brutality of the words and then smoothing on the balm of reflection.

Big Boys Don’t

This post is linked at the bottom of “Smacked Around.” And of course, with an intro like this, how could I not be enticed?

I have only once been taken further than this by Elita and on that occasion she made me break down and cry, a moment of cathartic release that I can recall vividly today. I wrote about the hardest session of them all here.

My favorite images:

Legs – Little Switch Bitch

I cannot express how hot this image is. The black and white are so bold, and the pattern in these tights is mesmerizing.

Just Before – Jerusalem Mortimer

Her position, her clean white dress pulled up around her hips, her head bent…waiting. There is an innocence and a sense of trusting, quiet expectation amidst this beautiful frame of books.

Tied – Submiss34f

I am drawn to the softness and the shadows in this image. At first, it appears sparse and simple. But upon second look, it is detailed and perfectly captures the feeling of being “tied.”

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