The Wife Coach – part 3 “Coffee”

This was originally intended to make it in time for Marie’s Wicked Wednesday “Coffee” prompt. But, alas, I did not have the time to write. I’m sticking with the idea, however. If you’d like to re-acquaint yourself with the first two parts, check them out here:

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The Wife Coach, part 3 “Coffee”

Dear Jaime,

Thank your for your sympathy. It is appreciated but not necessary. My wife had lived several years in pain and suffering, so her passing, while heartbreaking, was also a gift and release. 

As for your request, you seem ready to get right down to brass tacks, so I will humbly try my hand at fulfilling your desire…vicariously, of course.

As a man, I have always favored straightforwardness in a woman. To know that a woman wants you and has the confidence to show you is captivating. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive, unless that is your style, which I sense is not the case. Maybe I am being presumptuous, but I get the feeling, simply by virtue of your taking out this ad, that you are possibly reserved, maybe even a bit shy?

If this is not the case, excuse my assumption, but for now, I will run with it in order to give you an idea with which to begin.

I can imagine that if you are less assertive than you wish to be, initiating could be difficult. But let me tell you how much that might mean to your spouse…

If he is feeling devalued, or worse…insignificant…or even invisible…in your eyes, initiating sexual activity will show him that you are putting forth a real effort. He won’t expect it from you, if it isn’t your style, which will make it that much more effective in making an indelible impact. 

I would suggest that you do this…

In the morning, make him coffee (or tea, if he prefers), even if that is not your usual routine. Bring it to him while he is seated, and present it to him from behind. As you reach around him to hand him the cup, lean in and take his earlobe between your lips. Whisper in his ear, “I want you…”

The words alone should cause a stir in all the right places, especially if, as you hint, things have not been on point for some time.

If it works, let me know…

If not, well, either we try again, or you move along to find a better advisor.

Good luck,


Jaime felt nervous as the coffee machine burbled and sputtered. Kurt sat on the couch in the living room, reading the paper, and she eyed him from the kitchen as she waited for the aromatic, black liquid to fill the large, pottery mug. When the machine spit out its last drips, she pulled the cup from the stand and padded softly across the linoleum floor.

She walked behind the couch, sucked in her courage, and reached around him to present the cup. Leaning in, she softly nudged his ear as he took the mug from her. He leaned away a bit and re-stiffened the paper, focusing in on what she guessed was a highly interesting article.

But she’d already come this far and wasn’t about to give up under the pressure of his confused avoidance.

She followed his pull-away and breathed him in, exhaling her intention into his ear like soft smoke. Heavily, and slowly, it made its way to his brain, and he stopped reading. He let the paper fall to his lap and set the mug of coffee on the coaster beside him.

“Jaime?” He turned toward her, and she looked down at him, taking in his expression – his inquiring blue eyes that spoke hurt and confusion and hope and awe. He bit his bottom lip and then licked them both, furrowing his brow, then releasing it with a questioning smile.

“Kurt?” She ran her fingers along his jaw and grazed his lips with her own.

“Just put down the paper…and follow me…”

Kurt did just as she asked, leaving the coffee to go cold in the wake of their slowly growing heat.

At the bedroom door, Jaime stopped briefly to look behind her. Her pale skin blushed feverishly along her cheekbones and shoulders. The pink singed a trail down the front of her nightgown, and his eyes followed it, knowing exactly where it lead.

He didn’t know what had gotten into her, but at the moment, he didn’t really care, and he wasn’t going to ask.

Dear Everett,

This may come across as forward, but maybe we should get together for coffee sometime.


In gratitude,

to be continued…


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