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I am usually not one for being naked in the light. It might surprise you to know that I’m rather self-conscious about showing myself to others (both physically an emotionally). The anonymity provided by the internet allows me to come out of the shadows and expose myself and my mind to the world. It is freeing…and oh so necessary to my emotional well-being, just as much as solitude can be. This is my quiet way of screaming to the world – I need to be heard, but I don’t want to intrude; here I am, on the floor before you, whispering my truths and baring my soul. I write, because often, speech eludes me. Verbalizing my thoughts seems to make them so heavy they fall into my lap and become mangled versions of their pre-birthed perfection. But, writing them allows them the lightness and time needed to float, as effortlessly as possible, into being.

In talking, shyness and timidity distort the very meaning of my words. I don’t pretend to know anybody well. People are like shadows to me and I am like a shadow. – Gwen John

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By Brigit Delaney

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am a blogger, poet, photographer, and writer of erotica, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm glad you came. Sit back, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile.


    1. I find it wonderfully ironic that so many sex bloggers are shy introverts. Writers in general, actually.

  1. The photo is gorgeous; really warm and inviting. But I love the words, too. This sentence: “Verbalizing my thoughts seems to make them so heavy they fall into my lap and become mangled versions of their pre-birthed perfection” reminds me a lot of something Stephen King says in Different Seasons: “The most important things are the hardest to say… words diminish them — words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head to no more than living size when they’re brought out.” Not the same idea, but they both focus on how your spoken or written thoughts and feelings differ from your internal ones. I think we all feel this way at times – that once the words come out they’re no longer exactly what we thought or felt.

    1. That’s funny that you choose a King quote. I’m currently in a King phase. Haven’t read him for years, but all of the sudden I reading several in a row.

    1. Yes…it does help to see myself through the lens. And the wonderful, supportive comments of others bolster me, as well.

  2. I love the warm colours in this and how you both in and out of the shadows at the same time. It is a very beautiful and sensual shot


  3. Those words could’ve been written by me too, I want to be seen but I need to remain in the shadows.

    Beautiful image with gorgeous warming colour.

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