Where we belong

He was gone for over a week, not knowing exactly when he’d be back, unable to talk much on the phone as his sleep schedule was off and the work he was doing was “hush, hush.” So when the text came in at 12:58 –

“I am home now.”

I felt the heat in my belly that is true happiness.

Then at 3:19 –

“I need you to come home so I can fuck you.”

And heat changed. Rather than travelling upward and into my chest, expanding my whole essence, it worked its way quickly downward, and I felt instantly wet. Even though I hadn’t heard him say the words, I knew what they would sound like on his lips, and it had the same effect.

I could picture his eyes, deepening in color, the pupils widening. They do that when he wants me.

At 5:09 –

“Are you on your way home? My dick needs to be inside of you.”

Of course, when I got home, there was family life to contend with. Our son had missed him, too, so they needed to catch up with video games and conversation. There was dinner to be made and cleaned up.

But, at 7:30, he leaned over me in the chair and whispered filthy things to me. He told me he was going to fuck every hole I had, and he discreetly sucked my earlobe and kissed my neck.

I was wet. So, so wet.

So by 8:15, when we were finally alone, it was strait to the bedroom, where he fingered and licked me to orgasm and then fucked my ass.

It didn’t take long.

That’s what happens when you’ve been apart and the build-up is intense. But, it was a beautiful release.

We headed back to the couch, where I snuggled up next to him, his arm around me. And then to bed, where I curled into him like I always do, and he folded around me like he always does.

Things were where they belonged last night.

Things were as they were supposed to be.

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