February Photofest 2018,  Photography

Back Roll

Feb. 1-7 – fun with photo filters (color)
Feb. 8-14 – things I don’t like about my body
Feb. 15-21 – things I love about my body
Feb. 22-28 – black and white

Okay, I thought about it…coming up with things I don’t like about my body is refreshingly difficult. Yesterday, it was the belly. Today…it’s the back roll, which is exacerbated by a bra. But hey…I’m workin’ on it.

I also like this shot because I went with the granny panties. This is some real shit here. You can see my cellulite. My lumpy ass.

Yep…that’s me.

For reals.


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  • AtiyaLuv

    You are perfect as you are and learning to Love your imperfections will help along to makes those little changes. I am going through something similar about the changes my body has made through this past years, took me a while to start doing something about it.
    You look great! Trust me!
    And keep up the good work as to doing something about it.

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