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Top 3 of the Week

1. I’ve been binge-reading Frisky in the 916, and reading some of it out loud to Mr. D, because, quite honestly, Jack sounds so much like him. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I might have thought Mr. D was keeping a secret blog where he wrote about our trials and tribulations. But, of course, it is completely coincidental, even if eerily so. Jack and Jill do quite a bit of TMI Tuesday, but the posts I found myself lingering over were those that deal with their forays into non-monogamy. I’m fascinated by these, because Jack’s opinions about it are so similar to Mr. D’s, and I have such a hard time wrapping my brain around it, because I just wasn’t raised that way. Even with experience, I still don’t find myself embracing polyamory. I get it, theoretically, and I don’t judge those who choose it. But, not embracing it does make it difficult when your significant other has soul-searched his way into realizing this is a part of what he would like to explore.

I very much appreciate the male voice in sex-blog/confessional writing. I consider it research of the most intimate sort. I thank Jack for his commentary and honesty on this blog. This is the post that drew me down his rabbit hole: “We Had Sex on New Year’s Eve!” After reading this one, I had to read the 5-part series he links in this post. And from there, I was hooked.

2. Midnight at the Oasis – I started following Indigo after a comment she made on one of my posts. She has a unique site with unique insight, and she’s a great writer. Just reading her “about this blog” section was enough to grab me. Her recent poem Plate Spinning and her post The Men in My Life (which gave me some great new links to check out) are two that I’d suggest reading.

3. Nero Speaks – This is another blog that is new to me and another authored by a man. Lots of good stuff here, but once again, my favorite posts are those that deal with his personal life and his marriage. I’m just getting started with his blog, but I love the here, there, everywhere approach he seems to have to blogging. Plus, as with all the blogs I love the most, he writes well! In fact, that’s usually the biggest selling point for me…a good writer can make just about anything palatable. A good writer with something interesting to say is gold in my book. “I got laid on New Year’s Day” is a good place to start, if Nero is new to you, too. He’s very descriptive, which I find to be a complete turn on.



  • Indigo

    Thank you Brigit, that's so lovely! I really appreciate the feedback. I actually have worried that my "about" section was too waffly.
    Indie xxx

  • Brigit Delaney

    Nope! I noticed a few of your comments and went to check you out. When I do that, I like to inspect a site a bit…read the "about," glance through old posts, maybe linger here and there. If I fall in love, I add your link to my community list so I can follow what you have to say. Your "about" section is so well-written that I just knew you were a sexy, smart lady I would want to read in the future. And your posts since, have just continued to prove I was right.

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