“Words are but the shell; meditation is the kernel.”
Bahya ibn Paquda
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9 Replies to “Morning Meditation”

  1. I do both. If I'm really scattered or stressed or can't seem to get my mind to stop talking, I might do a guided meditation. But, mostly, I do it on my own. I have this weird trick (actually modified from a guided meditation I did once), where I imagine my "monkey mind" as an actual Japanese macaque monkey swinging in the trees. I mentally coax it down with gentle thoughts and words, tempting it with a soak in the hot springs. Once it gets in the water, it relaxes and lets me go about my business. Maybe weird…but it works,

  2. And the glow…it's a candle. The lighting was terrible, and the photo didn't come out very crisp, since I was using a tablet – didn't want to get up and try to find my real camera at that moment.


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