Sex in the Afternoon

He was stretched out next to her on the couch, softly snoring with his feet propped on the coffee table. She looked at him sleeping there, his body vulnerable under her gaze, and desire blossomed like an explosive pocket of heat in her chest.

She slid to the floor, carefully parting his legs, and, holding her breath, shimmied her way between them.

Careful not to wake him, she slipped her fingers into the front flap of his boxers and cradled his balls as she slid his dick outside of the fabric. He twitched momentarily and stopped snoring, but she held still until he began again.

She licked her lips to wet them, tucking her hair behind her ears. Lightly gripping the base of his penis, she lowered her head, touching the underside of his dick at the point where it met his scrotum. The contact made his breath catch, and he stopped snoring again.

She looked up through her eyelashes and noticed a slight fluttering of his eyelids, but his eyes remained closed. When his breathing returned to normal, she slid her tongue upward, as if she were running it along the edge of an envelope, and once she reached the head, she took it in her mouth and held it there, waking it with the heat of her breath.

His dick began to pulse strongly in time with his heartbeat, and when she looked up again, she
noticed the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

She took all of him into her mouth. As the head hit the back of her throat, she swallowed and opened to him as widely as he could, to accommodate his entirety.

Slowly, she moved her mouth up and down, sucking slowly as she pulled. She felt his hands slip into her hair, and his breath began to falter. Looking up, she saw his eyes remained closed, but his smile was full and easy now.

She wrapped her tongue around his cock, sucking hard, then easing, then grazing her teeth ever so softly up the shaft and across the head.

“Come here,” he whispered.

She pulled herself up, slipped her shorts and panties off, and straddled him. His hands met her hips and pulled her gently down. A different wet heat enveloped him, and they both sighed in welcome, as her weight sealed them together.

In slow motion rhythm, her hips moved back and forth, her pubic bone grinding against his. She contracted around him, holding his cock tight within her, the first signs of her impending satisfaction dripping lazily between his thighs to the fabric of the couch.

She felt herself sink into him, as if her skin were melting into his. And as the vibrations rose from the base of his shaft warning her of his imminent explosion, her pussy pulsed around him in expectation. She reached behind her and felt for his balls, cupping them and squeezing them gently.

His face looked vaguely pained, but she knew it was bliss taking hold.

They came together, holding their breath and shuddering. Eyes closed, she swam in the scent of their sweat and salt.

She bit her lip, let it go, and felt every muscle relax. Falling forward onto his naked chest, she soaked in the afterglow of ecstasy.



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