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    Mutual Masturbation

    It’s Masturbation Month…and the Masturbation Monday prompt this week is all about mutual masturbation.   This particular art form has always sort of eluded me. Having a bit of the ADD, I have a hard time focusing on either what I’m trying to do or what I’m trying to feel. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten off with this method of sexual stimulation…not to say that it’s a bad addition to the foreplay toolbox. But, I’d prefer to either take care of my partner completely, focusing on his (or her) pleasure…or…be the center of someone else’s sexual attentions. Actual intercourse is different. For some reason, I guess because I don’t…

  • Fiction

    A Living Canvas

    It’s Masturbation Monday…but rather than self-manipulation this fine evening, I’ve opted for a little help in this story. Even though THEY aren’t masturbating…perhaps the characters will inspire YOU to? Jenna became highly aware of her own skin, as the warm breeze hit places usually covered in public. She and Michael had the backyard to themselves. The kids were gone for the weekend, and, generously, Mother Nature had graced them with a sunny afternoon. Michael took the opportunity to pull Jenna, by the hand, away from her chores and responsibilities. Sometimes he had no choice but to make it a directive. She had a tendency to wind herself up and lose…

  • Poetry


    I flashed him an awkward metal smile before leaning in to touch his lips  and salt his tongue with mine. I hadn’t expected his lips to be cold. Snowflakes caught in his black curls, turning him old before his time. We were losing minutes, hours, days, standing there in the winter chill. But that kiss was important enough  to brave the possibility of frostbite and my father’s anger when I came home late, pink-cheeked and trembling. Such a tender age, thirteen, when we open, like the hungry mouths of baby starlings in spring, unable to feed ourselves or fly, but just desperate enough to try.  

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