It’s what her t-shirt said that caught his eye: Oui. It was an answer. And he had a number of questions he hoped would elicit that response from her.

He followed her in, waited for her and her friend to find a stool, and then sidled up next to her at the bar. She glanced sideways at him, unconsciously looking him up and down. He looked back at her…”Damn hot today, eh? Couldn’t wait to just come in and get a cold beer to cool down.”

“Yah.” She said little, but her eyes showed interest, and she smiled. Oui number one.

She looked back at her friend who was ordering for them. Two margaritas and two shots of rather expensive tequila, which the bartender poured and scooted toward them. The two girls took hold of the shot glasses, giggled, and counted to three before bringing the glasses to their lips and tipping their heads back.

“Celebrating?” he asked.

“Yah, I got a new job today.” Oui number two.

“Oh,” he smiled, his impressively straight, white teeth framed perfectly by his curved lips.

“Let me buy you another shot? To congratulate you?”

She giggled a bit and looked back at her friend, who also giggled and gave her the look. The one girls give each other when they want to encourage their friends to do things…the raised eyebrows, the smile, the nearly imperceptible nod.

“Okay…” Oui number three.

She blushed, her pink cheeks round and high beneath her sparkling green eyes. The bartender put the second round of shots, this time three, in front of them. They all took hold of the glasses, clinked them together in a toast, and quickly drained them, simultaneously slamming the glasses back on to the bar.

“So what’s your name?” he asked.


“Well, nice to meet you, Amber. I’m Greg. And I’m going to head on over to that table back there. The one by the pool tables. I’m going to order a pitcher of beer, and if you ladies would like to join me, you’ll know where to find me.” He nodded toward her and smiled again, a slight dimple in his cheek. He was tan in a way that showed he either worked outside or spent a lot of time out in the sun. He was also muscular, and his t-shirt was tight enough that it followed his shape all the way to his waist. It was hard not to notice Amber’s shy but obvious gaze downward along his torso before she looked back up at his blue eyes as said, “Okay, maybe we will.” Not quite a Oui. But close.

He grabbed his pitcher of beer and three glasses and headed to the back of the bar. He could feel her eyes on him as he walked away and smiled to himself.

He put the pitcher down on a table, poured himself a glass, and chose a cue stick from the wall. He heard her voice behind him, “You going to play by yourself there, hot shot?”

He turned toward her, “It wasn’t my first choice, but I figured I could make do…mess around a bit, wait for someone to turn up. You know how to play?”

“Yes. My dad taught me when I was a kid.” Oui number three.

“Where’s your friend?”

“She’s back at the bar with some of our co-workers.”

“And you thought I looked lonely?”

“Well, yes, a little.” Oui number four.

“And you felt sorry enough for me that you decided to come on a back a share this pitcher of beer with me?”

She blushed, but confidently answered, “Yah, I didn’t want you to look silly playing pool alone. A guy like you…I’m sure you’ve got an image to uphold.” Oui number five.

“Oh…” he leaned back a bit, eyes opened wider, brows up, questioning, “…and what image might that be?”

She stammered a bit. He’d flustered her with the question.

“I’m not trying to assume anything about it looks like you..uh…care about how you look…so maybe you care how…um…others think you look…” She had that deer-in-the-headlights expression.

“Right now…I just care about how you think I look.”

She smiled, blushed, and looked away as she stuck her hands in the back pockets of her jeans, causing her chest to jut out toward him, her breasts stretching the fabric of the t-shirt in an irresistable way.

“So, Amber…what do you think? Do I look alright?”

She looked back at him, breathed deeply, and replied, “Why the hell would I be over here right now if I didn’t like what I saw?”

“So you like what you see?”

“Sure, yah…that’s pretty much what I said, genius.” Oui number six.

“Well, then, Amber, that makes two of us. Two hot geniuses who know how to play pool, just hanging around not playing pool and not drinking beer. So shall we remedy that?”

“Yes, Greg…we shall.” Oui number 7. She headed to the wall and grabbed down a cue stick of her own.

“Pour me a beer, Greg…I’m gonna kick your ass.” She smiled at him and looked at him rather seductively through her lashes while she chalked her cue. He watched her hand move around the tip and felt a slight twitch in his groin. Good god he’d love to see those pretty hands doing a similar dance on his own stick.

“Wanna chalk mine up, too…you’re awfully good at that.” He grinned.

“All in good time, mister. All in good time. What’s the game, Greg? Standard 8-ball?”

“Sure…you wanna rack the balls?”

“Yep…I do, indeed, want to rack the balls, Greg. But can we play a few games of pool first?” Oui number 8.

Just a short, flirty story…nothing too sexy today. I’ll be off on vacation for the next few days and, because I guess I sort of suck…I have not written and scheduled posts. So, I’ll be off the grid until Saturday. That means no EFF this week…unless I post it late again on Saturday instead of Friday. Regardless, I wanted to at least get my Wicked Wednesday post completed before I turned off my computer for good (I’m sure it could use a rest, too.)

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