She looked at the large pile of dirty clothes, sighed, and shook her head. Walking out of the laundry room, she glanced at the kitchen sink full of dishes, the counter cluttered with papers, keys, and wayward items that just never seemed to find a proper home and stay there. There were toys on the living room floor, and her office desk was covered with piles of bills and to-do lists.

“Fuck it,” she mumbled under her breath.

Sometimes that’s the only solution.

She wandered in to check on her napping children and then padded back to her own bedroom, drew the blinds, and then closed the door and locked it.

She lay down on the unmade bed, buried her head in his pillow, and inhaled deeply. His scent still permeated the room. She’d been up early with the baby, and when she’d come back, she’d found him naked, the sheets drawn back, his cock in one hand, and his other teasing his own nipple.

She’d smiled and slipped in beside him, her hand cupping his balls while he continued to slide his fist up and down his shaft. He’d moaned softly with her touch. Leaning over his chest, she took his other nipple in her mouth and sucked hard, letting it recede back to his body through her teeth. He’d pulled her on top of him and slid into her like a knife into butter, smoothly and slowly, both of them letting out a sigh of release as she settled at the base of his cock and squeezed her vaginal muscles around him. His hands on her hips, she rocked back and forth slowly, rhythmically, speeding up and slowing down as he willed her, wordlessly, with his body. It took only a few moments and his stomach muscles began to contract, his hips jutting upward into hers, lifting her and taking control even though she was on top of him. His head went back, his chin up, neck muscles strained and taut, face looking pained with the intensity of the pleasure and the imminent nearness to climax. Just the sight of his expression caused the beginning of her own orgasm, and as he exploded into her, her cunt began to pulse like the mouth of a hungry fish around his rigid cock. Every muscle in his body was tightened, but as the orgasm subsided, his abdomen let go, twitching its way to resting. A sheen of sweat beaded up on his forehead. He’d looked up at her and smiled, his hands reaching up to hold her breasts and squeeze her nipples until she giggled and pushed his hands away playfully.

He’d left for work shortly thereafter, leaving her here in this mess that never seemed to go away.

Now as she lay in the dark, in the blissful and brief quiet of the afternoon, she spread her legs and found release again as she breathed in the smell of his sweat from the pillow.

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