Am I starting to like it? WTF?

I never considered myself the spanking type. I’m not much into pain (small amounts in the right situations…you know, hair-pulling, rough sex). But, it’s growing on me, and I’m beginning to understand the need that some people have for serious spanking sessions. That whole “out of body” experience, getting outside of one’s self, can be freeing and cathartic. Some people do it with drugs. Others with alcohol. Still others with physical activity like running or sex. It’s all about the endorphins. Regardless of how you get there, it’s about the build up of tension followed by the intense release.

We all seek it in one form or another. And as I begin to find it in ways outside of alcohol (I can admit that me and wine are pretty close…and gin is a happy third wheel)…mainly through physical activity, and as Daddy and I continue to adapt and find what works best for us, I’m finding that the occasional spanking…that tiny bit of pain…isn’t so much a “bad” thing. There’s intrigue there. There’s just a little fear. A lot of mental build-up. And then a sudden burst of pain followed by release.

The sting…ouch…I can do without (though I don’t always have a choice). A nice solid smack with a hand…the flogger (which expands the pain into more than one place so it’s not so intense)…the pretty pink rose that blooms on the skin afterward. Yeah, I can live with all of that. In fact, at certain moments, I actually find myself craving it.


Plus…he likes it. He likes to smack my ass…he likes to see it turn pink with the shape of his hand. he likes to hear the crack of skin against skin…or spanking implement against skin (whichever). So it’s hard to use it completely as a punishment. For now, it works, because I don’t love it. But, what if it grows on me? Or better yet, what if I begin to want it? What if I start adding it my requests and it comes out sounding like…

Of course, it has a lot to do with me either being ready for it, and steeling myself against the pain, or simply being off my guard and not being ready for it. If I have too long to think about it, I build it up in my mind. I turn it into a much bigger deal than it is. I panic, and I make it worse than it is. But, I’m finding that my brain is turning on me. It’s starting to consider it. It’s starting to open up to it. 
I’m not sure if my brain is my friend or my enemy at this point.
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  • Michael Malflic

    It is always interesting to me how people's wants and needs change. As for pain I have friends who play for the pain, others who tolerate the pain for the marks, some who crave both and other's who hate all of it. Whatever works for you is what's right even if it's a little scary.

  • sub-Bee

    Pain isn't something I enjoy either, in fact I hate it but like you say that warm glow and the floaty feeling is amazing and knowing that I've taken it for him has to be the most awesome feeling in the world!

  • Brigit Delaney

    Yes…I've changed quite a bit since I married my husband 8 years ago. We've cum a long way, baby…and we've got further to go – just not sure which paths we'll take yet.

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