You could 

chain me 
to your belt loop, 
dragging me around, 
place to place,
just to be sure that 
I would follow.
But you don’t 
have to.
Your gaze is chain enough–
thick, heavy, palpable–
your eyes pull me in,
hold me immobile,
even bid me to move
whichever way you desire.
I could say no to you,
but I won’t.
So there is no reason
for chains…
unless it is
your wish
that I be
In which case,
you could tie me up
just for fun,
bend me,
shape me,
touch me,
leave me
You could say no to me,
which you will,
just to prove
that you can.
There is little
I can do
to stop you.
There is little
that I want
to do…

You can be happily “chained” to a person. Or not so happily. Or…like me and Mine…you can need the other so much that when they are away you don’t feel “quite right.” Your souls are tied…or chained – and there’s no set of bolt cutters that’s going to break them apart. Seriously, even if you were separated forever, by land, sea, divorce or death…you’d still feel it. That pull. That necessity. 
It’s more than love. 
It’s life itself.
Indeed…the meaning of life is not 42 (yes…I’m that big of a geek). The meaning of life is connection.

And a set of chains is as good a metaphor for that as any. Because that connection is not always easy, or soft, or happy. It just is and must be. 

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