A Much-Needed Vacation

“What if I stripped down to nothing but my underwear and just stood in the middle of the aisle for everyone to see?”
“It’s against FAA regulations, Katherine.” Jim said it absently, while fingering through a magazine he’d taken from the seat pocket in front of him.
Her voice became high and strained, like a petulant child who wasn’t getting enough attention, “No it’s not…it’s against your regulations. You don’t even know what FAA means. You’re boring, Jim. Just plain boring!”
“Whatever, Katherine.” Jim’s voice never rose. And his eyes never left the page.
“Oh, good God, Jim…what do I have to do to get your fucking attention?!!”
“Hmph…” Jim made a dismissive noise in his throat.
Katherine began unbuttoning her blouse. She removed it and then unsnapped her bra from the front, setting her middle-aged breasts free. She stood up, unzipped and unhooked the back of her skirt, and let it fall, revealing nothing but a pair of black thong underwear.
Several passengers gasped and began to mumble and whisper. Jim looked around him, wondering what all the fuss was about. He hadn’t felt any turbulence. He figured the drink service was making its way down the aisle and prepared to request a cup of coffee. Without looking at his wife, he inquired whether she’d like to have her usual glass of terrible airplane champagne.
“No, Jim. I think I’m plenty loose at this point.”
He finally realized she was standing, and without looking up, asked if she needed by, to use the restroom.
“Only if you’re coming with me, Jim. If not, that man over there looks plenty interested.”
Jim looked around for the “interested man”, saw several wide eyes, and realized they were all staring in his direction. He turned to face his wife, seeing her naked belly and full thighs. His eyes took the path of the rest of the audience; eyebrows raised in disbelief, he scanned up her body, past her subtly swaying tits, to her face.
She wasn’t even blushing.
“Honey, I think you’ve had plenty to drink.”
“I’ve had nothing Jim. Nothing. And I’m tired of nothing. I’m ready for something. Anything…”
Jim tried to cover his wife with his magazine, looking around nervously, embarrassed, but Katherine was having none of it.
“I’m done being invisible, Jim…this is the first time you’ve looked at me naked in years…and gauging by the horror on your face, I’m sure I’ve made the right decision.”
“Divorce?” Jim gulped.
“Do you pay attention to anything, Jim? Do you even know where we are going?”
“You took care of the vacation arrangements, Katherine. I just packed my things and followed.”
The stewardess broke in on the loudspeaker above their head, “We are preparing for landing. I hope you enjoy your stay at The Essence Nudist Resort, and that everyone will get lei’d.” She winked and held up an armful of colorful leis. She continued, “I can see that one passenger is already in the spirit.”
At that, at least three other women took off their shirts.
“Katherine?” Jim looked like a wounded puppy, confused and scared.
“Jim…you’re going to have no choice but to notice me here.”
Flash Fiction Friday photo prompt
limit: 300 words (sorry…I went well over that…)
keywords: FAA and service
forbidden words: flight, mile high club
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