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    The Last of Its Kind

    (This is a Wicked Wednesday post…based on the prompt: Write from the point of view of the last tree standing in a forest. I have to admit, this stumped me, and I was ready to throw in the towel before I even started, but I ran the prompt past Mr. LL, and he came up with a cute idea – so I’m running with it.) The Last of Its Kind It’s hot today. Humid as hell, in fact. Seems that during the growing season, we all tend to crowd, to the point of touching…even braiding ourselves together in places, or growing back into the ground beneath us to escape the…

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    A Much-Needed Vacation

    “What if I stripped down to nothing but my underwear and just stood in the middle of the aisle for everyone to see?” “It’s against FAA regulations, Katherine.” Jim said it absently, while fingering through a magazine he’d taken from the seat pocket in front of him. Her voice became high and strained, like a petulant child who wasn’t getting enough attention, “No it’s not…it’s against your regulations. You don’t even know what FAA means. You’re boring, Jim. Just plain boring!” “Whatever, Katherine.” Jim’s voice never rose. And his eyes never left the page. “Oh, good God, Jim…what do I have to do to get your fucking attention?!!” “Hmph…” Jim…

  • Fiction

    Let Freedom Ring (FFF)

    Ahhh…the 50s. The epitome of “America” at a time when things were just so damned…well…American. The fashion, the technology, the language, the “proper niceness”. A perfect facade for reality. Yesterday, I rewatched Revolutionary Road, and so today, for Flash Fiction Friday, the era of the 50s was fresh in my mind. Picture a perfectly groomed lawn, a perfectly straight fence, a perfectly laid quilt, and a perfectly dressed couple with perfect hair. The Jensens. Imagine them lying under the stars having a perfectly proper conversation…about the children, about the future, about the day and their wonderful BBQ party. Imagine they’ve thrown back a few too many perfect martinis. And imagine their conversation…

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