• Fiction

    Pre-marital Sex? (FFF)

    “Anika!” She heard the shrill request for her presence slice through the silence of her room. “Not now, Mom!” She put her head in her hands, feeling the taffeta of the communion veil sift forward with her hair, grazing her bare shoulders. It wasn’t the same as the one she would be asked to wear, the stiff white cotton of a nun’s habit, but it would do. photo provided by http://advizortoall.blogspot.com/ She felt so close to God, to the point that she could feel him humming through her whole body. It scared her, because she’d felt that desire before. With a man. God wasn’t a man, but his presence was…

  • Poetry

    The Impotence of My Voice

    There once was a chance which I did not take,but take from me – it did – and deep enoughto fill my soul’s ravine with longing acheand guilt to rival that of cheated love.Your wishful hands brushed my skin to glowing,a fresh and growing heat below, blushed rosethe flesh of my cheeks — my eager breath flowing —this timid mind unwilling to exposeits deepest need. Biting my own taut lips,choking on the impotence of my voice,I imagine you, hard against my hips,my words rising up, a willing, free choice.  Instead, I held my desire close to me,  robbing us both of its reticent beauty. You know…I face the blank page…

  • Fiction


    Flash Fiction Friday – Photo Prompt – “The End” “Tomorrow,” she said, between the space in her front teeth. “You’ve been saying that for weeks now.” His eyes, normally blue, shone like black pools ready to consume her inadequacy. “I know.”  She looked away, holding his gaze in her periphery. She filled the role of cornered cat like a pro, brooding and sighing and licking her lips in discomfort. “How long are you expecting me to wait for you to figure it out?” “I don’t know.” “Full of fucking answers, aren’t you?” She began to tap her fingers nervously on her bare thigh, noticing how her sweaty palm stuck to…

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