I can see it in your face –
the subtle crease under your eyes,
the rush of blood to your cheeks,
the concentration.

Your skin flushes with heat –
a slight, but quick, rise in temperature,
the sweat glistening on your temples.

I can sense it between my lips –
the expectant twitch and pulse,
the rigid contractions.

A soft, whispery groan rises
in the back of your throat –
the sound of the simplest necessary pleasure.

I can taste the salty sweetness –
your perspiration mixed with
a slight bitterness from deep within you.

And when the warmth explodes into me,
it washes through my veins with
the heat of a high greater than any drug,
leaves me satiated, spent, and swimming in
a haze created by the mingled perfume of two bodies,
the signature scent of our sex.

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