FFF – Independence Day


Key Word – Independence or Independence Day
Word Limit – 237 (exactly!)
Forbidden Word – Fireworks (check)
Extra Credit – Put the action on July 5

She looked at the parking lot full of cars, people mingling around and through
them to get to the doors of the church.  All that polyester and wool.  Men and
women held tightly by conformity.  So put together.

She looked down at her own formal attire.  The expected white dress, simple
and unimpressive….just like Michael.
How had she let it get this far?  The unspoken words screamed in her head,
and she began to feel more and more confined by the whole thing.
Suddenly she felt suffocated by the satin and taffeta.  She reached back into
the unassuming black car that had brought her here, grabbed the bottle of
champagne meant for afterwards, and only one glass.
She took them with her to the grassy area behind the church, took off the dress,
hung it on a limb, and walked towards a shady area behind a rock by the stream.
Stretched out on the damp green, she felt it cool beneath her bare skin, and felt
as if she could breathe again.
Michael would never understand this side of her.  He’d spend his whole life
trying to cover her up.
She popped the cork, and let the champagne bubble over into her lap, holding it
there, between her thighs until it settled and began to trickle through.

She needed to be with someone who wanted to taste that, not mop it up with a

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  • Brigit Delaney

    Yes, “cammies”, it is surely a challenge to meet Advizor's crazy word limits…but I suppose that's a good part of the fun. I spend a lot of time cutting stuff out before I post. It forces me to get to the meat of the story. The core.

  • Advizor54

    I love my crazy word limits. Any guess as to how I came up with 237? No one tried to guess, i should have made it part of the challenge.

    The runaway bride was right, the right person would clean her up with something much better than a napkin. 🙂 A great ending to a wonderful FFF entry!! THANKS!

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