The Sky Is Indeed Falling (thanks for the heads up, Molly!)

Well…I was sent into a panic today.  Thanks to Molly, I’m breaking my “drinking before 5 p.m. rule”.  No, really – Molly, thanks ever so much for letting me know just how important getting my own domain and a host might be in the near future.

From what I can tell, after stressing and researching, most all hosting services have a fairly vague policy which explains that they will lot accept obscene or unlawful content.  It’s a tough call, really.  Because I don’t find my site to be obscene, and while some of my characters might engage in unlawful behavior, my site is not “unlawful”, as far as I can tell.

Blogger is indeed cracking down on “adult content” blogs that display advertising banners.  But, as I have none of those, I think I’m safe…for now.

However, Molly has a point that this policy could change at any moment, leaving Blogger’s sex-bloggers high and dry.

WTF, right?  Can we all just scream “CENSORSHIP SUCKS” at the tops of our lungs?

Anyhow…I will most likely be in the process of cocooning myself so I can re-emerge as a sexy dot com butterfly.  Really, it was on my list of things to do, anyway…I just wasn’t ready for all the work this is going to entail.  With the switch over, I’m expecting I’ll have to re-do all of my links – which will be a huge pain in the ass…and of course, there’s the issue of losing readership when they can’t find me.  But, I suppose I have outgrown my little Blogger world.  I guess I have to admit that my biggest problem is change – I don’t do it well or easily.  I tried using WordPress blogging tools and hated the whole atmosphere.  It is so much more complicated than Blogger.  But it looks like most hosting services use it – so I may just have to suck it up and move on.  

Of course I have the added struggle of trying to remain anonymous through this whole thing, as well.  Even though many of these hosting companies have privacy policies, I’m paranoid.  I know, I know…I post nekkid pics of myself on here all the time – how could I possibly have privacy issues?  Well…I do.  And that’s that.  I write under a pseudonym, I cover my face, my tattoos, I never give details about work or too much about where I live.  I’m sure a dedicated individual with the right knowledge could find me out…but, the world at large has no idea.  And that’s how I like it.

With that…here’s a photo – which is probably “pornographic” and “obscene” to someone.

The Lustful Literate

Anyhow, I’ll let you know when the time comes.  For now…I’ll keep posting and researching and planning.

Why am I somehow reminded of HHH on Pump Up the Volume?  (I know…I’m dating myself here…)



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