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Sexy Undies for Curvier Girls

I have a bitch of a time finding underwear that fit my rather ample behind without pulling in around the waist too much to create an unflattering bulge.  Plus I am short(er), so high-waisted French-cut look ridiculous on me.  Thongs – well, don’t get me started – unless it is imperative that I avoid panty lines or I’m wearing them for someone else’s benefit…forget it.  Can’t stand feeling like I have a rubber band up my butt-crack (and yes…I CAN feel it…and no…I DON’T get used to it).  String bikinis? 2 buldges for the price of one – on both hips!  Blech.

For me…it’s either:

1)  The classic bikini – okay…pretty much a staple in my lingerie drawer.
2)  The hipster – Daddy’s favorite on me – they tend to fit better all around.

and now – my newest favorite

3) The “cheeky” panty.  They show a bit more “cheek” than a standard hipster/boyshort, but are low on the hip, giving the illusion of a longer waist for us shorter ladies, and thicker around the sides to avoid that nasty bulge-effect.

I’m pretty much in love.  And so is my behind.

And, since I am not quite plus-sized (I’m a 12-14 and 5′ 4″ – wow!  How’s that for some  honesty?), I find myself also have a tough time just finding brands that size correctly. Lots of cheaper brands’ size L don’t fit (I usually wear a size 7/L panty).  But, I can’t wear the plus-sized undies (size 14-16 is too big).  So, it’s a crap shoot when I find a new brand.  For example, I bought a ton of Cosmopolitan brand bras and panties (once I bough one, I fell in love!, and that is saying something!), but found that my usual 36/38 B and 7/L had to be 38 C and 8/XL.  But, once I accepted that, the lingerie fit perfect!  (Oddly enough, I usually wear a size 7.5 running shoe and just ended up buying an 8.5 Asics shoe.  Are things shrinking?  Or am I just growing?  I swear I weigh no more than I did 5 years ago.)

The Lustful Literate

Here’s a pretty Cosmo set.  Love the peek-a-boo “almost” shelf bra.  This is truly the first brand (besides Gilligan & O’Malley or Victoria’s Secret) that I’ve truly liked.  And it’s affordable.  I have a hard time shelling out 40-50$ on a bra (VS), so the G & M (a Target brand) has been a nice substitute.  But, they’ve been changing their product in the past few years, so I’ve been on the look out for a new stand-by.  The Cosmo line just came out at JCPenney.  Bras run about 25-30$ but are often on a BOGO special.  The panties are 5 for 25$ (just like VS).  I especially like the racer-back push-up bra from Cosmo.  Very comfortable and stays put – no more adjusting straps.  Most of their other bras are convertible, too…so they work with lots of different outfits.


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